Alderman Leslie A. Hairston

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  • 6800-7100 South Crandon Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    The ICE is dangerously thick and slippery in the alleys on Crandon, Its hard to walk to garages, and empty garbage. Can we get some salt trucks to take care of this problem
  • 1343-1399 East 55th Street Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
  • 6923 S. Oglesby Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    Various tenants at 6923 South Oglesby Avenue, continue to throw garbage in the alley. A male dropped his garbage in front of the garbage can, and just left it there. There is a female tenant that walks her dog (little white dog} in the alley, she leaves his feces in the alley. This type of behavior will attract rats. Please speak to Management (Drexel Properties (773-643-1100) about various tenants cleaning up their dog feces and garbarge.
  • East 57th Drive Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
  • 5601 S Stony Island Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60637 - Hyde Park
  • 5527 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
    Light Has been out since Mae has been reported multiple times. Pole across the alley on Kenwood has been declared in working order but the Paul directly in front of garage number nine is still out of order. Please! This needs to be fixed.
  • 6918 South Crandon Avenue Chicago, IL - South Shore
  • 6900 S Bennett Ave Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Shore
  • 6916 South Oglesby Avenue Chicago, IL - South Shore
  • East 57th Drive Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
  • 5413 S Cornell Ave Chicago 60615, United States - Hyde Park
    Multiple potholes in center and edge of alley
  • 934 E 55th St Chicago, IL - Hyde Park
    A bicycle has been locked to a sign post here for months. At this point most parts have been stripped from it and the bicycle frame is just an eyesore. It would be great if this could be cut away/removed by the city.