Alderman Leslie A. Hairston

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  • 5401 S Maryland Ave Chicago, IL - Hyde Park
    An SUV has been badly damaged by fire not moved for several weeks.
  • Broken Swing Archived
    5410 S Drexel Ave Chicago, IL - Hyde Park
    There is a broken swing in Bessie Coleman park (the seat snapped or was cut)
  • 6900 - 7000 South Crandon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    There is no signage for dog owners. There has been a tremendous amount of dog feces left in the yards. We have a tremendous number of new neighbors that walk their dogs but refuse to pick up after their dogs. The building owners who are responsible for these properties. They spend a large amount of money during the Spring, and Summer months to keep their yards well manicured. This type of neglect tends to attract rats. There should be at least two visible signage displayed on each block informing residents about their inability to clean up after their pets.
  • 6820 South Oglessby Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    Obviously, the scavenger service either has not been paid or building management
  • 6803 S Cornell Ave Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Shore
    trash in the street and sidewalk
  • 1320 East 56th Street Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
    This is the second request - first one placed 11/23/17 - has been ignored.
  • 5737 S Blackstone Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60637 - Hyde Park
  • 5543 S Kimbark Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
  • 1514 E 76th Pl Chicago, IL, 60619, USA - South Shore
    Tree branches
  • 6800 S Cregier Ave Chicago, IL, 60649, USA - South Shore
    Car has been moved to various locations on this street preventing snow removal and street cleaning. No sticker and no plates. Street is filthy with leaves from last fall, garbage and debris. Please remove before scheduled street cleaning. Thank you
  • 1879-1981 East Marquette Drive Chicago, IL 60649, USA - Woodlawn
  • 5716-5720 South Harper Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
    The side streets of Hyde Park around the University of Chicago are in dire need to have snow removed.