Alderman Leslie A. Hairston

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  • 5417 S Drexel Ave Chicago, IL - Hyde Park

    In the Drexel/Ingleside alley (the alley behind the odd side of Drexel) between 54th and 55th streets there are:
    - Wires drooping down to a level that they are almost hit by cars
    - Loose wires hanging down from many of the telephone poles to ground level where they can be touched - I have no idea if these are live phone/cable wires
    - Horrible rats nests of cables on the telephone poles showing years of neglect. If this is abandoned/old cable it should all be taken down/cleaned up because it is an eyesore and probably a maintenance nightmare
    - Plastic garbage bags being used to cover wiring junctions up on the same telephone poles, instead of proper wiring enclosures.

    Whatever utility is responsible for these poles and this wiring is not doing its job - I suspect this is a safety issue, but even if it is not, it surely is degrading the quality/reliability of service delivered to these residents and at the very least is an eyesore.

  • 5521 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
    Multiple requests to have this fixed have been ignored. Photo shows number of light pole in the 55/56 st (e/w)& Kimbark/Kenwood (n/s) alley above the hole. Pole # is 664 02 01. Hole grows increasingly larger.
  • 1440 East 57th Street Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
    Huge pothole on 57th just east of blackstone
  • Alley Behind 5527 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
    on pole # 0664 02 02 adjacent (to the south) of the gangway leading through to the Kimbark Courtyard.
  • 1343-1399 East 55th Street Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
  • 1421 E 66th Pl Chicago, IL, 60637, USA - Woodlawn
    Tree branches
  • 6000 S Stony Island Ave CHICAGO, IL 60637 - Hyde Park
  • 7100 S Ellis Ave CHICAGO, IL 60619 - Grand Crossing
  • Tree Debris Archived
    6808 S Cornell Ave Chicago, IL 60649, USA - South Shore
    There have been no parking signs on the trees from 6807 to 6811 south Cornell ave. Stop this purposeful targeting of our community now. Stop trying to place a financial burden on us. It's not right and there is no logical reason for you to do this. STOP IT NOW.
  • Tree Debris Archived
    7600 S Dorchester Ave CHICAGO, IL 60619 - South Shore
  • 6841 S Bennett Ave CHICAGO, IL 60649 - South Shore
  • Tree Trim Request Acknowledged
    7101 S Drexel Ave Chicago, IL, 60619, USA - Grand Crossing
    Tree trimming