Alderman Leslie A. Hairston

Mga Bukas na Isyu: 9 Mga Saradong Isyu: 15,802 Mga Na-acknowledge na Isy: 1,163
Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2010-03-27

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 1448 East 75th Street Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    It is my understanding, that the problem is not being treated correctly or taken seriously.
  • 6800 S Cregier Ave Chicago, IL, 60649, USA - South Shore
    Car has been moved to various locations on this street preventing snow removal and street cleaning. No sticker and no plates. Street is filthy with leaves from last fall, garbage and debris. Please remove before scheduled street cleaning. Thank you
  • Tree Debris Archived
    6750 S crandon, Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
  • 7359 S. Constance Avenue Chicago, Illinois - South Shore
    The north end of the 7300 S. Constance block is in badly need of repair. The street is raggedy and needs attention as soon as possible. Please help.
  • 5527 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
    Light Has been out since Mae has been reported multiple times. Pole across the alley on Kenwood has been declared in working order but the Paul directly in front of garage number nine is still out of order. Please! This needs to be fixed.
  • 1510 E 76th Pl Chicago, IL, 60619, USA - South Shore
    Please help us clean up our community
  • East 57th Drive Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
  • 1501 E 69th St Chicago, IL, 60637, USA - South Shore
    Tree branches
  • 5527 S Kimbark Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park
    Light our over Garage # 9 image below
    Yellow tag on pole 06640202
  • 5521 South Kimbark Avenue Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park
    Multiple requests to have this fixed have been ignored. Photo shows number of light pole in the 55/56 st (e/w)& Kimbark/Kenwood (n/s) alley above the hole. Pole # is 664 02 01. Hole grows increasingly larger.
  • 1132 E Midway Plaisance CHICAGO, IL, 60637 - Hyde Park
  • East 57th Drive Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Hyde Park