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  • 800 W 71st St CHICAGO, IL, 60621 - Englewood
  • 8610 S Rhodes Chicago, Illinois - Chatham
    Pool of water has formed in adjacent yard (8612 S Rhodes). Started at property line, and has moved, and grown into middle of yard. Looked for status on original ticket submitted on Sept 23 (15-05004456), but was not found. This is the same request. Chicago 311 Service Request Tracker (
  • Building Violation Acknowledged
    700 E 90th St CHICAGO, IL, 60619 - Chatham
  • 8300 S Michigan Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60619 - Chatham
  • 7209 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Grand Crossing
    pot holes multiple
  • 302 E 75th St CHICAGO, IL, 60619 - Grand Crossing
  • 8419 South Calumet Avenue Chicago Il 60619 United States Of America - Chatham
    I failed to mention in my initial description that this garage has been in this condition for more than 1 year. Trespassers are regularly seen in the garage. I communicated with the homeowner last summer, but the garage has remained unsecured. There is a park and a school bordering this alley.
  • 7202 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Grand Crossing
  • 6800 S Normal Blvd CHICAGO, IL, 60621 - Englewood
  • 8610 S Rhodes Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chatham


    Anonymity of the internet has allowed city workers to paint my sidewalk and grass with paint, leave flags along the walkway, but NEVER COMPLETING THE WORK. I have noticed that most of the closed tickets on the City of Chicago 311 site end up on the See Click Fix site. In other words, city workers close tickets without ever completing the work. Sounds like a potential campaign issue.

    Original ticket with City via 311 was opened August 4th. Received text that request closed on September 6th WITHOUT REPAIRING. Hole is getting larger.

    ORIGINAL REQUEST - 14-01258733. The hole is next to the sewer in front of my home. The new ticket is 14-01495489. Trying to anticipate the next heavy rain where the water will not drain into the sewer, but into the hole in the street impacting the integrity of our street.

    REPORTER: Trish
    ORIGINAL Issue ID: 1273304
    Neighborhood: Chatham
    Reported via:
    Reported: on 2014-09-06
    Service Request ID: 14-01986529
    Service Request ID: 14-01959331
    Service Request ID: 14-01915989
    Service Request ID: 14-01495969

  • 660 E 85th St Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Chatham
    There is extensive damage to the alley behind 660 E 85th St. The alley starts at 85th and Cottage Grove and ends behind 660 E. 85th St.
  • 7267-7289 South Vincennes Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Grand Crossing
    debris everywhere alley clean up needed call swat crew from sheriff's office to clean out