Alderman Freddrenna M. Lyle

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  • 800 W 71st St CHICAGO, IL, 60621 - Englewood
  • 8610 S Rhodes Chicago, Illinois - Chatham
    Pool of water has formed in adjacent yard (8612 S Rhodes). Started at property line, and has moved, and grown into middle of yard. Looked for status on original ticket submitted on Sept 23 (15-05004456), but was not found. This is the same request. Chicago 311 Service Request Tracker (
  • Building Violation Acknowledged
    700 E 90th St CHICAGO, IL, 60619 - Chatham
  • 8300 S Michigan Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60619 - Chatham
  • 7209 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Grand Crossing
    pot holes multiple
  • 302 E 75th St CHICAGO, IL, 60619 - Grand Crossing
  • 8419 South Calumet Avenue Chicago Il 60619 United States Of America - Chatham
    I failed to mention in my initial description that this garage has been in this condition for more than 1 year. Trespassers are regularly seen in the garage. I communicated with the homeowner last summer, but the garage has remained unsecured. There is a park and a school bordering this alley.
  • 7202 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Grand Crossing
  • 8610 South Rhodes Avenue Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Chatham
    Original ticket with City via 311 was opened August 4th. Received text that request closed on September 6th WITHOUT REPAIRING. Hole is getting larger.
    ORIGINAL REQUEST - 14-01258733. The hole is next to the sewer in front of my home. The new ticket is 14-01495489. Trying to anticipate the next heavy rain where the water will not drain into the sewer, but into the hole in the street impacting the integrity of our street.
  • 8610 S Rhodes Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chatham
    SR #15-00038722 (reported 1/8/15) - Request for city truck to pick up debris behind my home left by illegal dumping. Jan 7 at 10:43 a.m. my cameras taped a red company pickup truck came through alley and 3 men jumped out and started pulling out of the back and throwing in the alley behind my house: old dirty mattress, black thick construction bags, rolled carpet remnants, etc.
  • 660 E 85th St Chicago, IL 60619, USA - Chatham
    There is extensive damage to the alley behind 660 E 85th St. The alley starts at 85th and Cottage Grove and ends behind 660 E. 85th St.
  • 545 E 89th St CHICAGO, IL 60619 - Chatham