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A private citizen created this account to keep Councilman Jones more aware of events in his district.

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  • 100 -- 400 Blocks Of East Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    Daycare center serving 60 families on 300 block of East Walnut Lane is a nightmare to try to reach after a snow storm.
  • 2200 Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This issue has been reported to the police on multiple occasions to no avail. The building on the eastern end of the 2200 block of Saint Albans is falling apart, with broken and boarded-up windows. Yet it still houses a suspicious-looking "Checks Cashed" store and several unsavory characters, while serving as the location for the ongoing, blatant and shameless sale of both drugs and sexual favors. This is unsightly, a fire hazard, and a drive-by waiting to happen, despite the police's nonchalance. Please help us stop this!
  • 22nd & Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Drug dealers on corners daily around 22nd & St. Albans & 22nd & Fulton. Usually in the evenings on both East & West sides depending on the group and the night.
  • 2608 W Master St Philadelphia, PA - Brewerytown

    The southeast corner of the Athletic Square Park is controlled by a traffic light at 26th and Master Streets. Given this traffic light, as well as another light at 25th St, motorists have approximately a 1/4 mile of unencumbered streets when the lights are green to increase their speeds to unsafe levels. Therefore, vehicles regularly approach speeds of 40-45mph at the entrance to the park and pool.

    Residents support a study to be performed by the Streets department to assess traffic calming measures. One solution proposed at this intersection is a stop sign to ensure that all traffic must come to a stop before proceeding. We appreciate the Street Department's involvement to ensure that the children and adults who frequent the park are not put at an unnecessary risk as they enter and exit this popular park.

  • 652-698 Roxborough Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128, USA - Roxborough
    There is no storm water/sewer inlet to catch the water that flows down Roxborough Ave. and onto the golf course and adjacent park. During storms large amounts of sediment are deposited on the golf cart path and severe erosion is occurring in the park. The water is flowing along the north side of Roxborough Ave. from Henry Ave towards Magdalena St. The inlet would need to be located on the north side of Roxborough Ave where it intersects with Magdalena St.
  • 6222-6238 Pennsylvania 4003 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - East Falls
    Has been a dangerous construction site for weeks, now impassible on foot—no sidewalk what so ever as a dumpster is now on what was once the sidewalk + the street. Pedestrians now have to walk into the very busy Wissahickon Avenue to get through. It's a mess.
  • 22nd & Fitzwater Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Drug dealers on Fitzwater near 22nd operating daily. Usually seen in the evenings on the East side of 22nd.
  • W Moore St Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    People dump their garbage here (Southeast corner of Moore and Bancroft Streets) week after week. Streets picks some of it up but not all and the pile continues to grow. It is disgusting.
  • 12th And Tasker Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    There's a black Mercedes SUV that everyday is parked either in the crosswalk, or in between the crosswalk and the parking sign on the southeast corner. it has florida license plate E89 4??. It also has a PA 'Police Business' sign on the dashboard. I'm not sure what police business it has blocking the cross walk for the past month (and more).

    Also, if you go into google street view, you can see it illegally parked in the crosswalk too! Who knows old that is. I'm including that in the photo too.

  • 2509 Grays Ferry Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    A very deep – at least 5 feet – sinkhole has formed at the intersection of Grays Ferry Ave. and Christian St. on Gray's Ferry. It has also undermined the area surrounding it and the pavement looks like it will collapse inward any minute. There is a large crack going from the sinkhole to a PECO manhole cover. The base of the stoplight also looks like it could be compromised. A pedestrian could easily step into this and be up to their neck.
  • Green Lane To Shurs Lane To Ridge Ave Merge To Septa Transfer Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk

    The entire route beginning from Main street where cars are parked on both sides of the road and where the 61 (bus) travels....a cyclist takes their life every day.
    #1 Nobody behind the wheel travels speed limit (25mph) including SEPTA - - they go barreling down Main street from Green Lane to Shurs Lane to Ridge merge to SEPTA transfer, squeezing cyclists - pinning them either to a park car or squeezed by speed behind a moving car.
    #2 the approach to Wissahickon transfer station during a compute is deadly. Cars spontaneously pulling to the curbside to drop off people, SEPTA pulling in and out of the turn-around, cars not wanting to accommodate the bicycle, and people moving, gathering -running across streets for buses.... CRAZY, will happen .someone will get hurt badly -- or it will be fatal.

    Sharrows were put down early June - GREAT 1st step. Hoping step 2 and 3 will follow. Enforcement of travel speed and a solution to the disastrous Wissahickon SEPTA transfer station.

  • 3523 Sunnyside St Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA - East Falls

    As reported by a neighbor- the property is a danger as well as an eyesore:

    Since 2006, the jungle has continued to grow uncontrollably. It has gotten so bad that several neighbors have taken matters into their own hands and planted a make-shift garden in front of this house to mask part of this eyesore.

    Beyond being a bad neighbor and an eyesore, the situation is dangerous. The front porch is rotted completely through in sections and it is not a matter of will it collapse but when will it collapse. We hope it's not when our Mailman is delivering mail. I spent a day cutting ferns down with a saw because they were too thick to cut with clippers. The ferns had grown over to my property line and were completely blocking the sidewalk. The ones I couldn't reach are almost out to the street level. When train commuters walk up Sunnyside Ave. they need to walk in the street to get past the overgrowth and away from the bees. This creates a dangerous situation because many R6 commuters also drive up Sunnyside Ave, and now you have people walking in the street with cars speeding by.
    The front of the propertydoesn't hold a candle to the back of the property. The back yard 3523 Sunnyside Ave poses a health hazard and a safety hazard to the neighboring residents. The yard has been allowed to grow exponentially and encroach on all the neighboring properties. The yard from 3523 is so overgrown it no longer drains and is now full of standing water. We can no longer use our yard (3521) without being attacked by mosquitoes at any time of the day. Particularly strange since my yard is 100% concrete. We have also had several incidents where we've found ticks on ourselves after being in our yard. With Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus being such a concern, do you think I could contact the Health Department since L & I has proven to be yet another dead end?

    The trees inn the back of 3523 are well over 50 feet tall and rotted. I have a skylight in my kitchen in an odd location. The previous owners disclosed that they installed the skylight only after one of the trees from the back yard of 3523 rotted and fell through the kitchen roof. If one of these giant trees falls, it will likely damage or destroy several of the neighboring properties. You can easily see the magnitude of this problem by viewing an aerial image of 3523 from Google earth or Bing, I live in constant fear that one of these giant dying trees will fall on my house; or, his house will set the forest behind his home on fire since the kitchens are located in the rear of our homes and the overgrowth is growing right up into the exterior of his kitchen wall, and has now overtaken the roof as well.