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  • 75% of Belmont St is littered with nasty potholes.
    Every day is like an off road adventure on this street, but it is even worse this winter!
  • Tobin Memorial Bridge Boston, MA - Charlestown
    Pothole in Northbound tunnel in passing lane, 20-30 feet past merger on leftmost side of lane right as elevation starts to rise and bridge begins. Pothole is on or combined with a metal storm drain, bent both of my left wheels, front and rear with bad impact.
  • 193-199 Ruggles Street Westborough, Massachusetts - Westborough
    193-199 Ruggles Street, Westborough, Massachusetts. Two Sets of Potholes in the "S" of the road is damaging cars and is sure to create accidents as motorists swerve to miss them. It has been bad all summer and is getting worse!!!
  • Beacon St Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    There's a number of large potholes on Beacon St, primarily between Inman Square and Washington St, heading towards Porter Square. Many of these are towards the right hand side of the road where cyclists are expected to ride, but these potholes will eat a bicycle (and the rider!). I understand there may not be a lot we can do now, but something really needs to be done. Even though I know where most of these monsters are I still almost fall into them while riding up Beacon St.
  • A short but critical road to getting into and out of the neighborhood behind Tufts field. The whole street is filled with huge, deep potholes. They patch it periodically but the Town needs to pave the whole road!
  • 900-1100 Winter St Waltham, MA 02451 - Waltham
    Many deep potholes. If filled it only lasts about 2 months before they open again
  • The intersection and on-ramp on Washington Street, under the McGrath Highway near Union Square, is one of the most embarrassing, damaging, under-maintained main roads I've ever encountered, even by the local standards. The street is covered with horrible potholes that I'm sure contribute to thousands of dollars in tie-rod, tire, axle and other repairs for local motorists, not to mention local emergency officials. The city ought to repair this asap despite, or especially because of, the current economy.
  • (pothole) Archived
    144 W Wyoming Ave Melrose, MA 02176 - Melrose
    West Wyoming, the whole street is in need of serious repair
  • Beacon Street from Cambridge right after Inman Sq to Somerville ave... all bad!
  • 523-611 Winter St Waltham, MA 02451, USA - Waltham
    that whole section when you're coming from 95 past that strip mall, if you are going to winter street the whole road is crumbling on the right. lukcily you can't usually go too fast since no one knows where they're going there and you have to try to get over.
  • Back St Boston, MA - Back Bay

    Thank you to six building owners who, after one year of requesting the City of Boston's help and received none (not one penny of our 39% increase in tax dollars!!!), paid out of their pockets to repave portions of this alley. Here again proving that private citizens, not city government, do the right thing with out money. Boston, you should be ashamed of yourselves for taking more money and giving less. Ashamed!

    Poorly repaired and 5 new potholes of similar size and depth riddle this alleyway. 3 FOOT X 1 FOOT pothole on Back Street between Hereford and Mass Ave along with huge depressions from the Boston's oversized garbage trucks bearing down and scarring this alley. It is dangerous condition and has taken dozens of tires, rims, bumpers, bikers and small children. Why is the only stretch of Back Street that has not been repaired and repaved??? Please HELP!!!