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  • 13 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115 - Back Bay
    The bike lane and road next to the curb on the southbound side of Massachusetts Avenue here is full of potholes and uneven pavement. Its actually pretty dangerous to ride a bicycle over. The whole corner from the beginning of the #1 MBTA Bus stop to the edge of Beacon St needs to be repaved. This is of concern because many cyclists ride through this patch of road every day coming off of the Harvard Bridge.
  • 260 Beacon Street Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    I wasn't sure where to place the location indicator of the website on the map, since it is the case that almost the full length of Beacon Street (heading NW, anyways) is rife with potholes. I drive down it a few times a week on my way home and expect to have a flat by the time I hit Porter Square. At this point, I think the street probably needs to be fully re-paved. Any ETA on this?
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    128 Oxford St Cambridge, MA 02140 - Agassiz-Harvard
    This block of Oxford St is a safety hazard in and of itself, and it's impossible for cars to go at a normal speed and bikes to ride anywhere but right in the middle of the road!
  • Right where you would ride a bike too. :(
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    117 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143 - Somerville
    very dangerous stretch to bikes, cars & pedestrians- potholes everywhere
  • two potholes, even if you miss one, you might end up hitting second one.
  • Cambridge St & Storrow Dr & Longfellow Bridge Boston, MA 02114, USA - Central
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    629 Main St Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    many , many potholes in front of Home Depot, connecting road to 93 north- it is terrible - it is not cared for at all, damaged my wheel
    this part of road is not being serviced for years, will someone follow up on this part of road- high traffic area start @ Schrafts all the way to 93 entrance
  • This stretch on comm. ave b/w harvard and washington streets is a mess.
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    87-97 Concord Ave Cambridge MA 02138, USA - Neighborhood 9
    50 to 60 foot long section of pavement along sidewalk that's heaved up. Extremely dangerous for cyclists. - - - As of 2/26/2018 this issue is still not resolved, essentially looks exactly as it was last year and is just as unsafe for cyclists.
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    Boston University Bridge Boston, Massachusetts - Fenway-Kenmore
    There is a HUGE pothole large enough to kill a cyclist. Please fix this! This is such a huge hazard, I'm surprised that it has not been taken care of yet. I called the DOT and I've emailed the DOT. All with no evidence of any concern.
  • A major pothole just as Cambridge St meets Mass Ave that gave me two bike punctures this week; almost impossible to see it coming at night.