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  • Pothole Open
    20 Sherman Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Neighborhood 9
    Sherman St corridor is riddled with patches and potholes making the heavily biked narrow road dangerous especially in the dark. Resurfacing should be considered.
  • 223 Washington Street Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Massive pothole/crater in front of the auto shop on washington street. Perhaps it may be too wintery to fix it yet but - Jesus - it's really dangerous!
    Can't we fill it with sand and gravel till it can be properly filled?
    EXTREME HAZARD for bikes and cars, especially if it is covered by a puddle which it often has been, and especially considering the busy and chaotic traffic pattern along that stretch of road. seriously someone could get killed
  • Left lane heading towards the Mass Ave. bridge, two in rapid succession that always cause brake slamming. I've seen a number of near accidents as cars swerve to avoid them.
  • As you cross this intersection heading eastbound, be sure that you steer well to the right to avoid the car-eating manhole pit near the center divide. This pit is present year-round due to poor manhole design / road maintenance, and is a constant threat to unknowning motorists. I'm a Somerville resident, I drive this road daily to work in Charlestown. How proud I am of my tax dollars at work!
  • 180 Properzi Way Somerville, Massachusetts - Somerville
    Properzi Way has a number of potholes that are particularly dangerous to cyclists. Near Properzi Way & Beacon St there are a number of thin, long, deep potholes that could easily catch the front tire of a bicycle turning onto Properzi Way. In fact, all of Properzi Way probably needs to be repaved, but at a minimum some patching would alleviate the immediate danger.
  • Salem St Woburn, MA - Woburn
    Deep pothole in front of Chestnut Green on Salem st. The pothole is so deep it's down to the rebar. I hit the pothole yesterday in my car that i just bought less than a month ago and bent a rim. Needless to say i was very upset more so because there was nothing marking it so people could avoid it. Now i need to buy a new rim. I know it must've been marked at one time because when i walked back to see what i hit i saw orange cones buried in the snowbank most likely from a plow hitting them. So i believe this should have been repaired due to the severity of it.
  • There are so many potholes on this street, it feels like you're on a rollercoaster. One near the intersection with Mass Ave could take a wheel off.
  • 151 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville

    I really almost died today right here. I was thrown clear off my bike by one of the dozens of potholes in this area, straight into traffic. It was only due to the good handling skills of the attentive driver behind me that I wasn't run over.

    Beacon St in Somerville is a deathtrap for cyclists. Avoid this area. The city should be ashamed of the condition of this road.

  • (pothole) Archived
    6 Windsor St Cambridge, MA 02139 - The Port
    Huge pothole that has been there for a couple of years and it is just getting bigger. It fills with water and turns to ice in the winter. So dangerous when people are just turning onto that street!
  • 372-470 Western Ave Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Riverside
    This section of Western Ave is an absolute mess. The dips and potholes and uneven surface ruins the underside of my car unless I travel 5 mph. It's not just one pothole - it's an entire 25 yard stretch of torn up roadway. Just before the light at Memorial Drive.
  • Potholes Archived
    299 Beacon St Somerville, MA 02143, USA - Somerville
    The lane towards Porter b/w Star market and Oxford St is completely uneven and full of holes. I'm reading the reports from 2 years ago and it's exactly the same after this winter. When are they going to just repave this road?