CambridgePark Drive

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The catastrophe that is CambridgePark Drive.

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  • 35 Cambridge Park Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Again today there was a truck parked in the road at 35 Cambridge Park Drive. There was no police detail and traffic was building up onto Route 2 and other areas due to the delays. This has been happening every morning. The City of Cambridge approved this construction project so they should be responsible for ensuring that trucks are not illegally parked in the road blocking rush hour traffic.
  • 7 Cambridgepark Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    The intersection at Cambridgepark Drive and Steel Place is flooded with standing water 4 inches deep, worse at the crosswalks, making it impossible to cross without getting soaked. Please consider making engineering changes to provide a better pedestrian environment.
  • 36 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge

    Construction has opened the chain link fencing into the bike lane in addition to using the traffic lane for loading and unloading.

    This was backed traffic up through the light grid locking the area around alewife.

  • 125 Cambridge Park Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts - North Cambridge
    Armored car stopped in bike lane
  • More tents Archived
    North Cambridge Cambridge, MA, USA - North Cambridge
    Hello. On this forum about two weeks ago, a similar complaint was made about a tent on the alewife reservation trail from alewife to Belmont. It was at that time that officials promised to take care of this and was planned that a group would check this out on Wednesday’s. This either has not been done or very little been done since now there are multiple tents in the same area and more trash littering the trail near it. In addition, there is fencing across from it (behind 87 Cambridgepark Drive) that has been damaged as well as the entire (green) fence is full of graffiti. The wooded area around the tents continue to have more and more branches ripped from trees. The unfortunate people in these tents are running a extremely high fire risk to themselves and especially other innocent citizens in the area. Please work on a solution. So far is it growing bigger by the day. Thanks.
  • 150 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge 02140 United States - North Cambridge

    No bike racks in sight along the stretch of 125 Cambridgepark Drive. Would be really useful to have some here, esp with the separated bike lane present and more businesses coming in.

    I should mention that there are bike racks behind buildings like 125 Cambridgepark, but for visitors who don't regularly come here, they may not realize it. A few racks on the wide sidewalk out front would be visible and more welcoming.

  • 100 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge, MA 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Construction vehicles still staging in bike lane everyday during rush hour.
  • 89–107 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    It is illegal to put snow from private property into the street, yet that is what happens each time it snows at this property. Please fine them for illegally dumping snow into street.
  • 100 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    There’s an unmarked city truck, license plate M 1504 that’s been sitting in the bike lane all morning.
  • 36 Cambridgepark Dr Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    Construction vehicles are parked in the road, bring this down to one lane and backing up traffic. It’s also impassible for bikes.
  • 35 Cambridge Park Dr Cambridge 02140, United States - North Cambridge
    Every morning this construction site blocks the bike lane with no cones or signage. This is very busy street and this can’t be acceptable.
  • Alewife Station Access Rd Cambridge, MA, 02140, USA - North Cambridge
    Over the past few evenings around 5:30PM - 6:30PM, the traffic around the alewife T stop on Steel road / Cambridge Park drive is at a standstill. There are dozens of cars running red lights and blocking the box making it that no cars can leave or get into the area. I ask the city to please start monitoring this intersection as the traffic is out of control. We can not continue to build more apartments on cambridge park drive if the traffic situation is not resolved. It is not fair to the local residents.