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  • 89 Avenue O Brooklyn, NY - Bensonhurst
    Walls and ceiling on N train "Bay Parkway" station are full of holes. Paint is pealing everywhere. When it's raining, even lightly, the station is leaking everywhere. It's disgusting to be there.
  • 8923 Bay Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA - Bensonhurst
    There is a 10" wide, 4" deep section of the road missing across all lanes in both directions from a summertime road repair. I guess the plows must have removed the gravel that once filled it in.
  • 1601-1699 80th St Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA - Bensonhurst
    Storage in office stairwell 1435 86 st
  • 1547 78th St Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA - Bensonhurst
    Our landlords like to just turn off the heat for days at a time and we are freezing. They are very nasty people in general.
  • 1435 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA - Bensonhurst
    Office supplies stored in building back staircase 1435 86 street basement
  • 6101 18 Ave brooklyn, NY - Borough Park

    The Road is sinked in and every time there passes a car or a truck it vibrates all the houses around. This is a commercial st so a lot of trucks pass by and it feels as if we there is a little earth quake every few min.
    Hope you could fix this.


  • no heat Open
    1736 80st Brooklyn N.Y 11214 - Bensonhurst
    land lord only gives heat twice a day. at five in the evening for half hour and then again for one hour at nine p.m . that's it for the day.
  • 8873-8899 25th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 11
    The pedestrian walk/don't walk sign is hanging , threatening to fall on some passerbyer
  • 6307 20th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11204, USA - City Council District 44
    this happens almost after any rain. even very short one. it is impossible to go in or out on this station after a rain.
  • 1435 86 Street Brooklyn NY 11228, USA - Bensonhurst
    Rear staircase blocked with storage material difficult to exit if fire
  • 1435 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA - Bensonhurst
    Storage in stairwell 1435 86 st brooklyn
  • test Open
    67-79 Kings Hwy Brooklyn, NY 11214, USA - City Council District 44