Central Hills

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  • 1364 Oak St San Francisco, CA 94117 - Haight-Ashbury
    There is always a large puddle on the footpath that goes through the Pandhandle at Lyon Street. It's there even when it hasn't rained for a long time and sometimes covers the entire path. The exact spot is near the light that's just north of the southern path through the Panhandle.
  • 601-649 Dolores St San Francisco, CA 94110, USA - Castro-Upper Market
    The new Zebra lines arent any better. I dont understand why its so hard to put a stop sign. People roll down the hill from 20th and zoom to 18th without slowing down. We need a light or stop sign on 19th at Dolores. I've seen too many cars close to hitting pedestrians and their dogs.
  • 305 Divisadero San Francisco, CA - Haight-Ashbury

    There used to be a bicycle rack in front of Comix Experience, and after some road work it's been removed. Is it possible to get a new one installed?

    Thank you!

  • 380 Eureka St San Francisco, CA 94114, USA - Castro-Upper Market
    there is a 35 bus southbound stop at 21st and douglas but there is no way to cross safely the intersection, because cars coming up on eureka can't see the pedestrians on the hill
  • Overgrown Lot Archived
    302 Broderick Street San Francisco, CA 94117, USA - Haight-Ashbury
    Trash is strewn throughout the DMV property. The State should be made to maintain their property as any other business in the city.
  • 1-17 San Francisco Bicycle Route 66 San Francisco, CA 94131, USA - Glen Park
    increased camping under the richland bridge - more long-term campers and illegal dumping.
  • 19-39 Brompton Ave San Francisco, CA 94131, USA - Glen Park
    Years and years of neglect for the buildings at 25, 31, and 37 Brompton make the immediate area an eyesore.
  • traffic madness Acknowledged
    16th Street And Castro San Francisco, CA 94114, USA - Castro-Upper Market
    Cars run these stop signs all the time. Nobody signals. Nobody looks. Cars coming up 16th just barrel through, and cars on Castro barely stop. It's a madhouse with large amounts of traffic throughout the day, weekdays and weekends. Pedestrians take their lives in their hands trying to cross. This is a major intersection that desperately needs a traffic light.
  • Teresita Blvd San Francisco, CA 00 - Outer Mission
    a large group of skunks have moved into Sunnyside park. They are spraying and making the park smell so bad you cant use it.
  • 1243 7th Ave San Francisco, CA 94122 - Inner Sunset

    Whenever I cross 7th ave. on Irving -- a busy commercial area -- I fear for my life, with cars speeding along as if they're still on the expressway portion of 7th (up the hill). Also, when I'm forced by street cleaning to look for parking on that part of 7th, drivers behind me are quick to honk rudely behind me, again as if they think it's still an expressway.

    I'd like to see signage and speed limit enforcement on 7th between about Judah/Kirkham and Lincoln.

    This is a residential / commercial area, not a highway.


  • 180 States St San Francisco, CA 94114 - Castro-Upper Market
    States Street is one of the longest streets in San Francisco. At is midpoint it has a crosswalk that serves the Playground and access to the Randall Museum. Cars speed up and down States street as they use it as a shortcut between the Castro and the Haight. The crosswalk is at a blind corner and drivers can not see pedestrians waiting to cross. There were speed bumps in the 1960s but they were removed because of the noise. More modern speed humps or other traffic calming needs to be considered before a pedestrian is hit.
  • 477 599 John F Kennedy Dr San Francisco, CA 94118, USA - US Congressional District CA8

    There needs to be more enforcement of leash laws in Golden Gate Park on Sundays. It is great that the close the streets so that people can ride, skate, walk or whatever through that area, but there are too many off-leash dogs.

    Dogs are unpredictable, have little traffic sense and present a hazard to bikes. Plus many people (particularly children) are uncomfortable around dogs. Too many dog owners think there dog is just "friendly" but then when it knocks someone over or bites someone they say "oh, it has never done that before".

    Leash laws exist for a reason and it is very selfish for people with dogs to endanger others by not obeying them.