West Hartford, CT

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West Hartford, CT

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  • 38 Elmfield St West Hartford, Connecticut - West Hartford
    Very large hole next to a closed manhole. It's on elmfield street by grove street.
  • 726-798 Oakwood Ave West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    The State is going to spend $700 million on a 9 1/2 mile road exclusively for busses between New Britain and Hartford. legislatures NEED to stop this and get control of D.O.T. fast!
  • Corner Of Albany Avenue And Trout Brook Drive - West Hartford
    cars turning right onto Albany Avenue have limited visibility of eastbound traffic on Albany Avenue -due to bushes - cars pulling out beyond stop bar into eastbound traffic
  • Wolcott Rd West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    There is quite a bit of storm debris and trash on the wolcott road side of wolcott park. Many branches are down or are about to snap.
  • Intersection Of Fern And Walbridge Road - West Hartford
    This intersection has had many accidents -perhaps it should be made into a four way stop
  • Undriveable Archived
    Farmington Avenue West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    The section of Farmington Avenue from Trout Brook to Ardmore is undriveable and a disgrace. Hoping you'll fix it anytime soon
  • 36 Fairwood Farms Dr West Hartford, CT 06107 - West Hartford
    House has been vacant for YEARS. Yard has never been landscaped. Weeds routinely grow as tall as an adult and only seem to get mowed when someone complains to the town. Owner's info: Antonio S. Marques, 184 Newington Rd., West Hartford, CT 06110.
  • 1293 1347 Farmington Ave West Hartford, CT 06107, USA - West Hartford

    Farmington Ave west of Mountain Road is a popular route in the evenings and on weekends for motorcyclists. Many, many Harley Davidson owners put illegal aftermarket exhausts on their motorcycles to make them louder. These mufflers are easily identified and there are clear laws in CT against them.

    This is a quality of life and civility issues as well as a health hazard for our town's residents. The Town of West Hartford has done nothing to enforce this law and reduce this problem.

  • 27 The Crossways West Hartford, CT 06117 - West Hartford
    Arson fire on 2/11/09 house needs to be demolished and property cleaned up
  • Corner Of Governors Row And Mountain Road - West Hartford
    Storm Drain Bent/Broken
  • Ringgold St West Hartford, CT 06119 - West Hartford
    illegal parking, severe traffic congestion, street often blocked when Webster Bank drive-up window is open
  • WORST ROAD! Archived
    New Britain Ave West Hartford, CT - West Hartford
    DOT: Fix this road!