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  • 1308 Tasker St Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - Passyunk Square
    Tasker between Broad and Juniper is very dark. A small alley behind PGW makes the block more treacherous for commuters of Broad Street Subway, 29 bus, and C bus. If pedestrian lights are not an option, PGW should install a security light alongside the building.
  • 4500 - 6200 Market Street West Philadelphia - Haddington-Carroll Park
    SEPTA's Market Street El reconstruction in West Philly has been completed for nearly 2 years now and Market Street under the El is still torn up as a result of the El construction, loaded with bumps, dips, potholes and "temporary" patches. It is in serious need of a repaving and I want to know if or when it is going to get done.
  • 1155 N Front St Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    This intersection is a popular SEPTA stop (Routes 5, 15, and the El). There's garbage everywhere, overflowing trash cans, newspapers, McDonalds wrappers... you name it. It's been like this for YEARS!!!
  • Green Lane To Shurs Lane To Ridge Ave Merge To Septa Transfer Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk

    The entire route beginning from Main street where cars are parked on both sides of the road and where the 61 (bus) travels....a cyclist takes their life every day.
    #1 Nobody behind the wheel travels speed limit (25mph) including SEPTA - - they go barreling down Main street from Green Lane to Shurs Lane to Ridge merge to SEPTA transfer, squeezing cyclists - pinning them either to a park car or squeezed by speed behind a moving car.
    #2 the approach to Wissahickon transfer station during a compute is deadly. Cars spontaneously pulling to the curbside to drop off people, SEPTA pulling in and out of the turn-around, cars not wanting to accommodate the bicycle, and people moving, gathering -running across streets for buses.... CRAZY, will happen .someone will get hurt badly -- or it will be fatal.

    Sharrows were put down early June - GREAT 1st step. Hoping step 2 and 3 will follow. Enforcement of travel speed and a solution to the disastrous Wissahickon SEPTA transfer station.

  • Schuylkill River Trail - Philadelphia To Valley Forge Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA - Manayunk
    SEPTA buses drive straight into traffic eastbound on Ridge Ave against the light. There are traffic lights here specifically to meter traffic and allow buses an opportunity to pull onto Ridge yet bus drivers routinely ignore the lights, stopping both lanes of traffic. Traffic heading east will have a green light yet the bus drivers expect cars to yield to buses out of their own sense of self-preservation. This causes backups during rush hour and is even more of a problem when there is snow or ice on the ground and traffic with the right of way cannot stop for the bus running the red light.
  • Oxford Avenue & Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    The block of Oxford Avenue between Griscom and Frankford is always filthy. The street is never cleaned, still has trash from last year's snows. Septa takes no responsibility.
  • 310 W Chelten Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Germantown

    Pulaski partners has had the sidewalk closed for weeks, forcing pedestrians out beyond the row of parked cars into the bike lane.

    There is also no clearance between the fence and septa bus parking, forcing peds into busy traffic in front of idling buses.

    I want the PPD and LI to investigate. I will forward this issue to the feds as an ADA compliance issue.

    City Council, we're fed up with your inaction. You push your pet projects but provide no oversight. DRM, what happened to abiding by your oath of office? You represent the builders and lawyers but blatantly ignore your constituents.

  • 2020 E. Susquhanna Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Contractor cut a hole in the street and has not filled with dirt, put plywood on it and it's cracking from the SEPTA bus and cars going over it. Sidewalks not blocked off, holes and mud everywhere.
  • 124 Market St Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    SEPTA Buses (#21, 33 & 42) use this ramp to idle throughout the day and night. Residential buildings on the 100 block of Market & Church are forced to listen to the roaring engines and inhale the fumes.
  • 804 Oak Lane Philadelphia, PA - Oak Lane
    No one can park in our small business village in Oak Lane- can you plow the snow from the SEPTA bridge and curblines?
  • 344 Loney St Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA - Fox Chase
    saturday 900am till 916am , type of vehicle, septa bus 5677 reving the engine at 1220pm . no resaon for this
  • Midvale At Henry - East Falls
    7:25 AM SEPTA bus idling at curbside. I believe the bus # was 5762 (but I did not jot the number down today). SEPTA idling at this location is a recurrent issue. This suggests that SEPTA is either unable or unwilling to enforce rules upon their drivers. It would be helpful to know if any other authorities have taken steps to enfore anti-idling rules. The recommendation has been made to call Air Management, but their phone goes to voicemail when I have tried calling in the early AM.