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  • 4 1st Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Water pressure is very low in building
  • 12 Washington Square Gloucester, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    flashing street light.
  • 7 Harmony Grove Rd Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
  • 86 Wharf Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    On a recent visit to Pickering Wharf I noticed that one of the "pickets" of the railing is missing. I noticed it as I left Victoria Station and turned left. I had my toddler with me and was already keeping him extremely close because along another section of the railing we were looking at the boats and he managed to put his head between two pickets (which means given enough time and desire he could have fit himself through). With the missing picket he could very easy climb right out and fall of the wharf. Obviously parents (including myself) need to be cautious and pay attention, but this is definitely an accident (tragedy?) waiting to happen.
  • Andover Street Salem, Ma - City of Salem
    Missed Street Cleaning. We cleared Andover Street of cars, as per posted signs an this morning's 8am bullhorn. Street cleaners missed Andover and Lynn Streets after cleaning Beckford and Federal. I heard that there was a car parked on River Street, and I understand why they may have skipped River, but to be clear, Andover is not River, and Andover is a 2-way street. There was nothing to preclude the cleaners from coming down Andover. The street will be clear for the remainder of the day, at your request, so we would appreciate it if you would clean it. We did try to call the City at about 12:10, but apparently City of Salem offices closed at noon today. Thank you for your help.
  • 17 Pleasant St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Location: Webster St at Pleasant St, Salem, MA. There is a large pothole next to the curb (may be covered by parked cars).
  • 42 Cabot St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Concern is that sunshine paving has been parked in a residential area since Thursday the 18th. I called yesterday to let the engineers office know. They told me 7:30 Friday that stuff would be gone and to winter island. Now getting home from a long week and there is still two pieces of equipment parked where residents are suppose to. Now these machines will be parked here till Monday most likely with contractors having no work Saturday. Again I informed the engineers office of this Thursday and they told me false information and there is still equipment parked in a residential area! This is ridiculous and should have been resolved! Concerned Salem citizen!
  • Dead Animal Archived
    2 Essex St. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Last night 3 raccoons were fighting in the street now one is dead.The carcass is on the edge of the street and sidewalk next to H&H Propeller Shop. 2 Essex St.
  • 10-24 Saltonstall Parkway Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Large log and several orange cones at curb left by City
  • 20 Harbor St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Furniture being carried across the street and dumped in front of 20 Harbor Street Salem Massachusetts. The origin of the furniture was 37 Harbor Street from the basement. We actually saw the people carry in the stuff over across the street and dumping it at 20 Harbor Street. If you would like us to make a statement please contact me at 210-202-6151.
  • Dead Animal Archived
    131-135 Federal St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Dead squirrel in road.
  • High Street Court Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Recurring problem. Backside of 11-13 High Street on High Street Court. Alongside the High Street Playground fence.