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  • 93 Washington St Salem 01970 United States - City of Salem
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  • 81 Highland Ave Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Three potholes need filling for quite sometime now on Planters Street. I have to drive through 2 of them to get in my driveway. Now my right front CV axle needs replacing. Could you please send someone to fix them. Thanks
  • 50 Federal Street Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    A lightpost at the Mbta parking lot has been buzzing very loudly for about a week. It sounds like it’s going to explode, which the bulb in it already has. It’s the one directly in front of the old staircase/ramp from Bridge St.
  • Barnes Rd And Clark St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    here it is july and reported this issue in june nothing has been done about it the mulch is still in road covered by tarp are you going to wait till someone gets hurt to do something about it
  • 80 Wharf St Salem MA 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Dangerous Open Electrical Box
    Exposed electrical wiring
  • 202–212 Washington St Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Crossing signal out of alignment
  • 5 Home St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    City snow plow driver named Bill plowed Flynn St snow well onto my property. Asked him to remove it and he laughed at me as he was on his cell phone and drove away. Originally called DPW around 10pm Sunday. And asked them to stop piling snow onto the property, that's when he came back to push more and further onto the property. Call the non emergency number for the police to take a report. Both the city supivisor and a patrol car arrived around 3am Monday and the supivisor took pictures and said he would deal with it.
    Multiple calls to DPW went to an answering service and I left no message. Then I called the mayors office.
    I would like these snow piles removed from my front and side yard. This house already has a major water issue in the basement not to mention that now I'll have salt and other debris all over my lawn. Thanks Bill.
  • 11 Winter Island Road Salem, MA - City of Salem
    Resident called to report that their is large metal debris in need of removal along the beach at the end of the right away rd (beach area) between the addresses of 11-15 Winter Island Rd. Says it had been done once before though not all the debris was removed as due to the erosion more has been exposed along the beach.
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    Rainbow Terrace Salem Massachusetts - City of Salem
  • 59 Boston St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Blue Styrofoam insulator boards have been swept across the neighborhood behind Walgreens on the corner of Boston and Proctor. The boards are from the large Bridge Street work site. Pallets of the boards were left unsecured on the site and were blown away during the storm. Boards are in people's yards, driveways, on roofs, in the adjacent North River and all over the sidewalks. Request immediate clean up. Boards are especially bad on Proctor street and Pope Street.
  • Essex St Ext & Webb St Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    The traffic signal at Essex and Webb has been vandalized. All the walk signals are pointed in the wrong direction. Many of the signal sun shields are missing.
  • 10 Chestnut Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    All of Cambridge Street between Chestnut and Essex is pretty much one big pothole and has been for quite a while. Please address this soon.