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  • 43 Chestnut St Salem 01970, United States - City of Salem
    Serious roof collapse at corner of Chestnut and Flint. Police already called, but please avoid the sidewalk as additional debris could fall — very dangerous!
  • Watson Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Street not paved properly after gas work. No attemp has been made to fix it. It has been like that for the last 4 months. Any update? We know utility work can take a while but it seems all other streets have been patched properly and ours as forgotten about.
  • 16-98 Washington Sq W Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    The new O'Donnell Funeral home under construction at 84 Washington St did not shovel their sidewalk. You have to either walk on the snow and ice or in the middle of the street. The neighbors on either side were able to shovel their sidewalks.
  • 125 Essex Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Crow Haven Corner blocks the sidewalk with their sign and booth making an already congested sidewalk even more so.
  • property Archived
    3 Marlborough Salem Ma 01970 USA - Peabody
  • 60 Grove St City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    Salem oil and grease, there are train tracks that run along side the factory. Three years ago, after a smaller structure on the property was torn down, 21 black bags labeled "Danger Asbestos" were dumped along side the train tracks and against the fence of the Moose lodge parking lot. Some of these bags are open and can clearly see asbestos insulation inside. The bags have been there so long (despite me showing a Fire dept official who had just left the dispesary on Grove St, calls to the mayors office, board of health and the EPA) that they are wearing down and have rips and holes in them. There is a river right after where the bags were dumped, so for 3 years asbestos material has been exposed to not only those who park at The Moose, Eliot mental health services, but to the river as well. A quick google search tells me who owned the property 3 years ago and I'm sure tje city of salem can find out who tore down the third building on the salem oil and grease properry, as it was after this building was torn down the open bags of asbestos material appeared.
  • 69 Essex Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This busy street has just one official crosswalk on this stretch and the lines are very faint! It hasn't been painted in years. People cross all the time to get to the common (including many children and dogs) and drivers whiz by very quickly. Please please please repaint the lines, and maybe add more for visibility (like the green paint in other crosswalks). Signage would also help.
  • Norman St & Summer St Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem

    Who had the idea for this rotary? Seriously, it seems that the city planners are deliberately trying to find any ways they can to grind this city to a standstill for traffic! Putting in bike lanes and then putting up signs for bikes to use the full lane. New stop lights that create more backups. Putting in one-ways that block off arteries out of the city. Now a rotary (really a roundabout) in one location that actually flowed (noticed how there are no lights at that intersection?)!

    You put in a rotary in the ONE intersection in the whole downtown that actually flowed smoothly! We have been driving in and out of Salem for 22 years and never has that intersection been a problem (October wkds not included, but that is a problem at EVERY intersection downtown).

    As someone who has been involved in civil engineering, I can tell you that the only time we ever put in a rotary is to slow things down/stop vehicle/pedestrian accidents. Emphasis on SLOW THINGS in, slow to a crawl. Salem needs to IMPROVE the FLOW of traffic, not create more backups!

    The problems downtown are the Essex/Summer intersection and the Washington/Derby/Norman intersections. That second one is mainly just because the city STILL refuses to address the issue of having multiple huge crosswalks across a main artery. Instead, they try to make it look like they are doing something by foolish projects like a rotary in a spot that already works! People just need to drive conscientiously, like making sure to stop so that there is room for turning traffic to make the left turn down Norman while waiting for the traffic backup caused by the Essex St intersection to move. No amount of rotary, planning, etc, can account for people being awful on the roads.

    Look at other cities that work well. Set walk signals up at the cross walks that change WITH the signals. So traffic goes at the same time that the pedestrians do in the same directions. Not these huge, 60-second stoppages IN-BETWEEN light cycles! Boston does it. NY does it. Vancouver, BC does it. Houston does it. St. Louis does it...and so on.

    For Essex St (at both Summer and Washington) if signals cannot be put in, then consider building maritime-themed and/or witch-themed pedestrian bridges with ramps. They can be made as gorgeous accents to cities if done correctly (emphasis on that part). If nothing is done to get the Essex St intersection moving, the rotary itself is meaningless as you will just have the same problems with cars all backed up waiting for that light.

    As for the rotary...please remove it. It was not even instituted properly, with a poor curvature resulting in a hard left turn instead of a smooth transition. Another thing you do not do with rotaries is PUT THEM IN WHERE PEDESTRIANS COMMONLY CROSS! Very, very dangerous.

    I have read some people on here say that this is a 'green' solution because cars do not have to stop. Whomever is saying this has no idea what they are talking about and/or have no experience with this. First off, cars today are built with partial-zero and zero emissions. In addition to that, they also normally shut off the engine when having to stop and go in traffic. Ignoring all that (and why would you??), as noted, rotaries SLOW TRAFFIC DOWN, causing more backups. Which means more people just sitting there, idling anyway (if that is your worry).

    The downtown traffic needs to be addressed, but in the right spots/way. This location is NOT the problem, but it will become a newly-created one by the city if left here. Take real action at the true problems which I mentioned above.

    As one more example, look at the Cape. Millions of dollars were spent to create the 'flyover' to improve traffic flow. What was it? Removing the rotary at the Sagamore Bridge! It has had a huge impact. Population growth and increased tourists/vacationers will offset the gains but the removal of the rotary has greatly decreased the backups, especially compared to what they would be now with the increase in traffic.

  • 91 Cousins Street Salem, MA 01970, United States of America - City of Salem
    Insufficient snow removal due to Police not ticketing/towing cars who refused to move during parking ban.
  • 73 North Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Over the past few weeks, I have noticed the same cars parking at the area generally used for the dog park and Farm Direct Food Co-op. I have seen drivers get out and walk towards the Commuter Rail station. The "1 hour parking" signs are quite faded and it is unclear whether commuters are allowed to park in the area that had been used when the garage was being built. (Those lines still remain quite clear.) People are also parking along the ramp to the overpass, making the entrance to the parking area quite narrow.
  • 114 Derby Street Unit 1, Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The manhole cover at Turner and Derby is LOOSE and makes a loud noise EVERY time a car drives by... this is upsetting to the neighbors in the area - the noise is NON STOP because of all of the traffic heading to the power plant.
  • 27 Wisteria St City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    A large sinkhole has started at the end of the driveway for 37 Wisteria St (also the parking lot for 330 Lafayette) about 2 feet deep and goes at least a foot further under the road. Very scary! We have to drive over it to get to our parking lot. I'm avoiding our parking lot for now and street parking instead so I don't have to drive over it. I hope it can be fixed soon! I also left a voicemail for the DPW today.