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  • 475-499 E Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    Potholes all over the place, and the road appears to be disintegrating. Fix this!!
  • 200-298 W Baltimore Ave Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    New traffic lights need to be timed better or censors installed. traffic on Baltimore Pike both directions stopped at lights and NO cross traffic. Particularly at Jackson
  • Baltimore Pk & Providence Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    The timing on the new lights at this intersection and all along Baltimore Pk. towards Swarthmore is awful. HUGE backups at rush hour on Providence Rd. every day. I drive this route every day (well, I used to--now I have to detour around it), and there were never any big backups like this before. The left turn arrow from north Providence to Baltimore eastbound used to let about 6 cars through, now you're lucky if 2 cars are able to turn left. Please change the timers!
  • 4th And Orange St. media, PA - Media
    There are 4-way stop signs all along Orange St. *except* for 4th. If you are trying to turn onto Orange from 4th, good luck. You can wait a long time, and visibility is awful looking south due to all of the parked cars. PLEASE add a stop sign on Orange St. here, too! With the Friends School right around the corner on 4th (big drop-off area in the morning), it makes sense.
  • Baltimore Pike At Rt 252 - Media
    There should be a "left turn only" light so that drivers can safely turn left on Rt 252, off of Baltimore Pike (heading west). During rush hour, it's near impossible to turn left without having to squeeze in just before the light turns red
  • 400 - 500 West Third Street - Media
    Someone needs to get this area open again.
  • 1031 North Ridley Creek Rd. Upper Providence, PA 19063, USA - Media
    For 2 years have requested signs on the curve at Ridley Creek Rd. between Hillendale and Rosemary Circle. 5 accidents have occurred since living there in front of our home due to cars speeding around corner. PennDot went around making marks on street for Upper Providence Township. Curve signs put up and stop sign was placed on Kirk Lane, but that doesn't help. NEED A "Hidden Driveway on Curve" sign. Someone is going to get killed. You CANNOT see around curves!!!!!!
  • 400 W 3rd St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    RTMSD has a bus stop here. My issue is tha there is NO stop sign on Third Street at Lemon St. The bus comes down Lemon (from 4th) towards 3rd. The bus stops at the intersection...ON LEMON. The kids cross 3rd street but traffic can't always see the bus, because its on Lemon. The driver does'nt stop in the intersection, so cars can't see the bus. Drivers on 3rd will speed right by the front of the bus as kids are getting off/on. Recipe for disaster here...Fix it quick! PLEASE!!
  • Surrey Rd And Providence Rd Media Pa - Media
    If you are pulling out of Surrey Rd and a trolly comes you lose your light. There is a no turn on red and some days I have sat through 2 lights cause of trollies coming and going.
  • 402 W Jefferson St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    Street has not been plowed, or should be plowed again
  • Bridge Open
    220-298 West St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    Just come to a decision and fix the bridge!!!! This is ridiculous!
  • 298 E Jefferson St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    Everyone blow right through these stop signs... in both directions!