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  • W State St Media, PA - Media
    Despite painting the lines yellow and having signs to remind drivers to yield to pedestrians, this intersection remains a problem at Veterans Sq and State St. Cars blast through here, often ignoring pedestrians in this very heavily used crosswalk (heavily used due to its courthouse vicinity, etc.). I've spoken sternly to some drivers, a couple of whom indicated they didn't initially see the high/oddly placed pedestrian crossing signs. I've also seen drivers blast past the trolley at this intersection, ignoring the crosswalk or even the fact that it is an intersection.
  • N Providence Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Media

    this is a complex intersection (4 or nearly 5-way). there seems to always be a string of cars waiting to pull out.

    intersection of 252 and Beatty, near rite aid

  • 327 West 2nd Street - Media
    There is a crazy guy that is loud and keeps yelling at all the neighbors and passers by. I feel generally sorry for this man but something needs to be done. All he does is threaten everyone he encounters. I hope the community can come together to help him and his family. He has been arrested in front of his children and involuntarily committed.
  • Bishop Hollow Rd Upper Provd, twps between Gradyville and Providence - Media
    Bishop Hollow Road between Providence and Gradyville rds . This road is horrible with pot holes and craters that will eat tires and rims!! Please throw something in those holes!!! Thanks!
  • 27-99 W Franklin St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    The timed light is facing on the wrong streets....It is short for driving on Baltimore Avenue and long for Jackson street. It holds up traffic in Media . thank you
  • 2-98 E Jasper St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    Your sidewalk is a disgrace. Grease can, trash, mop buckets, cigarette butts. Seriously, if that is what sits outside, I'd be concerned about what gets served inside. Clean up the litter!
  • 201 W Front Street media, pa - Media
    I was at the media courthouse and the heaters were was so hot and all the windows on the first floor were open. In my house we keep our themostat at a temperature we can live with the windows closed. Sometimes we are a little chilly so we can save on our bills. What the hell is wrong with this picture? I pay thoeir bills too.
  • 700-798 N Jackson St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    This street needs to be plowed.
  • 135 N. Olive St. Media, PA - Media
    Two stop signs should be installed on North Olive St. where it intersects with Second Street and the loading area of the County Government Center Building . Pulling out of the loading area can be a hassle.
  • 101 199 E 4th St Media, PA - Media
    The stop sign on the northwest corner at this intersection is almost totally blocked by foliage, and I've seen drivers go straight through without stopping. Please trim the trees or move the stop sign so it can be seen!
  • 328-390 W Jefferson St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    There are many apartments on and just off W. Jefferson Street. I live in one of these buildings and constantly see people flying up and down the hill at 40+ miles an hour (it's a 25mph zone). Cars are parked along one side of Jefferson on this section of the street between Orange and Lemon, and I've had to whip my car over many times because of people speeding as there isn't that much room for two cars to pass. I know there are quite a few young children that live in the area, and at one point came across a tiny kitten who had been hit (and killed) because of people's speeding. It's only a matter of time before someone gets hit, especially with people crossing the road, and kids out on their skateboards or walking. As I walk home from work at night, I also know that this section of road is poorly lit. I believe a speed bump would help slow down these speeders, especially the ones that blow the stop sign at the bottom of Lemon Street, and those coming over from Orange and westbound from Jefferson!
  • 100-198 W State St Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    This street needs to be salted. It was plowed, but not all the way down to the street so there is a slick layer of snow and slush throughout the entire town of Media. The parking spaces are not plowed at all so there is no where to park but the few garages there are.