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  • Pothole Archived
    3238 Ne Benjamin St Minneapolis, MN 55418, USA - Waite Park
    the entire stretch of Stinson NE from 29th to New Brighton Blvd, going both ways is full of potholes, some quite deep. It is impossible to avoid all of them when driving.
  • Pothole Archived
    2138–2448 Theodore Wirth Pkwy Minneapolis 55411, United States - Willard Hay
    Almost un drivable stretch of road from Duluth St to 26th Ave N on Theodore Wirth Parkway. Very large and deep holes.
  • 300 E 16th St Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Loring Park
    the encampment grows. there are tents bicycles trash and people. they are coming south across the bridge I've seen two people at different times used to 17th Street Overlook Gardens as a bathroom and also seen them use the gardens in front of 1707 Stevens as a bathroom. This morning I had to rush somebody out of my entrance at 6:30 a.m. this is getting out of control.
  • 1707 3rd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Stevens Square
    Homeless encampment that is growing. Stack of old bike frames and bags of garbage. People in the encampment holler at people and cars.
  • 2603 Golden Valley Rd - Willard Hay
  • Pothole Archived
    2138–2448 Theodore Wirth Pkwy Minneapolis 55411, United States - Willard Hay
    Terrible potholes
  • 147 E 17th St Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Stevens Square
    garbage is piling up in the Overlook Gardens on East 17th Street between Stevens and 2nd Avenue. this is recent. is it overflow from the camp on the other side of the Third Avenue Bridge ?
  • 3901 30th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Standish
    this car has not been moved in months. since the last snow emergency no effort has been made to shovel the road around it.
  • 2600 Bryant Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA - Lowry Hill East
    All bollards are missing on the 26th St protected bike lane in the Wedge.
  • 3421 W Lake St Minneapolis 55416, United States - West Calhoun
    This homeless camp is growing and needs to be disbanded right away. There is another one on the north side of the tracks/path.
  • Pothole Archived
    Theodore Wirth Parkway 300 Feet North Of Mcnair - Willard Hay
    This section of road is by far the worst in the whole city it has been reported probably close to a hundred times in the last year and no action is ever taken.... what was once a small 200 foot section of extremely rough road has now become a whole Parkway in disrepair. Theodore Wirth Parkway is an extremely bad shape from Highway 55 all the way to Lowry Avenue North there has been no reel repairs done in the last year and a half. What is it going to take to finally get something done about this?
  • Pothole Archived
    816 University Ave Se Minneapolis 55414, United States - Marcy Holmes
    Potholes, potholes, everywhere!