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  • 117 27th Ave Se Minneapolis, Minnesota - Prospect Park
    Needs Additional No parking/bike lane signs. Numerous cars keep parking in the bike lane but 311 says they won't enforce due to lack of adequate signage. This is endangering bikers and needs to be addressed ASAP
  • 2201–2211 Park Ave S Minneapolis 55404, United States - Phillips West
    Vehicle parked in bike lane. Bike is marked and fully visible. Per 311 responses this vehicle has received multiple warnings. Please ticket and/or tow.
  • 301-399 S 5th St Minneapolis, MN 55487, USA - Downtown West
  • 519 Oak Grove St Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Loring Park
    We would like a crosswalk across 15th from the intersection with oak grove street to allow pedestrians traffic to safely cross the street into Loring Park. Thank you.
  • 3539 Girard Ave N Minneapolis 55412, United States - Folwell
    Sewer drain is clogged at the end of the alley. Attempted to clear myself no no avail.
  • 1801 2nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Stevens Square
  • 326–398 17th Ave Se Minneapolis 55414, United States - University District
    3 parked cars in 17th Ave bike lane
  • 147 E 17th St Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Stevens Square
    once again the trash for 137 East 17th Street has not been contained. It has moved into much of the neighborhood. It is in the alley and is in other people's yards. It is also on 17th Street. I have reported this multiple times I did attempt to send a picture to the caretaker but she did not respond. This is an ongoing problem and needs to be addressed.
  • Pothole Archived
    10 Church Street Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota - University District
    In the middle of the intersection, just north of the south crosswalk, there is a long chain of potholes adjacent to the concrete of the bike lane. Some bicyclists observed get tires caught here! Driving hazard also. Some spots the pothole is near 3" in depth.
  • 905 Park Ave Minneapolis, MN, 55404, USA - Elliot Park
    Streets need to be plowed again along Park Ave so that cars are not parked in bike lane. Otherwise laws should be enforced and cars should be towed! This is in relation to Issue IDs #5441383, 5441377, 5441376, 5441384.
  • 2109 30th Ave S Minneapolis 55406, United States - Seward
    The city completely plowed in the alley with ice
  • 2949 4th St Se Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA - Prospect Park
    multiple vehicles parked in bike lane. please ticket and tow.