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Watching issues created after: 2016-12-22

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  • 3539 Girard Ave N Minneapolis 55412, United States - Folwell
    Sewer drain is clogged at the end of the alley. Attempted to clear myself no no avail.
  • 915 24th Ave S Minneapolis 55406, United States - Seward
    Commercial oversized vehicle parked in a residential neighborhood
  • Pothole Archived
    3463 Hiawatha Ave Minneapolis 55406, United States - Howe
    Multiple holes along railroad track crossing on E. 35th St. between Hiawatha and Dight avenues
  • 275–299 5th Ave N Minneapolis 55401, United States - North Loop
    Parked I bike lane for the second day in a row
  • 2201–2211 Park Ave S Minneapolis 55404, United States - Phillips West
    Vehicle parked in bike lane. Bike is marked and fully visible. Per 311 responses this vehicle has received multiple warnings. Please ticket and/or tow.
  • 310 15th Ave Se Minneapolis Mn 55414 United States - University District
  • 271 E 16th St Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Loring Park
    the encampment continues be an issue. the trash around the Sharon Sayles Belton tribute continues to grow. lots of concerns about the number of people the Heat and health and safety.
  • 1705 Stevens Ave Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Stevens Square
    Parked in crosswalk
  • 4700 Xerxes Ave S - Fulton
    Crosswalk lights don’t work
  • 4422 N Knox Ave Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA - Webber-Camden
    mustard yellow Ford
  • 1606-1698 University Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota - University District
    Bike lane blocked for several blocks of University Ave. Road is clear but snow was plowed into bike lane from sidewalk and road.
  • 2916 S 9th St Minneapolis 55406, United States - Seward
    Someone has setup a tent with a bike and trailer and lots of trash