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  • 4000 Aldrich Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA - Webber-Camden
    trailer and metallic tan large suv
  • 4615 2nd Ave S Minneapolis 55419, United States - Field
    The timing of the lights traveling westbound on 46th Avenue and turning left (south) onto 35W is off. During rush hour times the left only signal light should be longer and coincide with the light on 2nd and 46th to avoid the backups into hr neighborhood. It is not uncommon for cars to be backed up to Field School.
  • 3940 Washburn Ave S Minneapolis 55410, United States - Linden Hills
    Can’t get into alley...this entrance completely blocked...
  • Address Unavailable - Webber-Camden
    broken windows and ransacked vehicle in the middle of the street
  • 3958 Aldrich Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA - Webber-Camden
    broken window and ransacked parked in the roadway
  • 3346 County Rd 152 Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA - McKinley
    blocking fire hydrant.
  • 3843 Upton Ave N Minneapolis 55412, United States - Victory
    Subaru station wagon brown in color parked on odd side of street
  • 3917 27th Ave S Minneapolis 55406, United States - Standish
    The street light on the southeast corner of 39th Street and 27th Ave S was recently replaced with a new LED fixture. As a result, bright light now shines directly into the homes to the northeast and southwest of the intersection. It appears from the light disbursement that the fixture is intended to be mounted on the side of the street, not the corner of the street as installed, as the bright light projects diagonally across the intersection to the southeast and northwest, rather than up and down the street.
  • 5547 Richmond Curv Minneapolis 55410, United States - Armatage
    Day 3 of snow emergency and Odd side of street full of cars from school. I called the school, and cars still haven’t been moved. Please ticket and tow to plow.
  • 338 Quincy St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - St Anthony East
    the 300 block of Quincy St NE hasn't been plowed at all on either side of the street. I see cars getting stuck all of the time.
  • 3519 W 48th St Minneapolis 55410, United States - Fulton
    Parked within 5 feet of driveway
  • 2523 1/2 27th Ave S Minneapolis 55406, United States - Seward
    Semi truck idling with no driver for 2 hours