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  • Pothole Archived
    428 N 4th Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA - North Loop
  • 322 W 38th St Minneapolis, MN 55409, USA - Kingfield
    Please remove the five minute parking zone on the corner of 38th and grand next to 322 W. 38th St. The permit has expired. Five minute parking zones are no longer allowed under the new permit system.
  • Address Unavailable - Prospect Park
    Huge snow and ice pile blocking the intersection for pedestrians
  • 330 2nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA - Downtown West
    We have been informed the Alley cannot be used by the public. At least that's what the Man who runs Metro Legal claims or whomever it.may be.. People who work near the alley in the building next to them are unable to safely drop off employees using this alley. Does anyone know if this is even legal? Who could help? We've use this alley for years safety and now they say we cannot use it at all. Please Help! It just seems so petty!
  • 264 11th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA - Downtown East
  • 147 E 17th St Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Stevens Square
    This is the trash left on the I94 side of the fence in the Overlook Gardens on E 17th Street.
  • 1707 Stevens Ave Minneapolis 55403, United States - Stevens Square
  • 117 1/2 27th Ave Se Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA - Prospect Park
    vehicles parked in bike lane. Several "No Parking" signs (pictured) as well as several temporary "no parking this block" signs. please ticket and or tow. This has been an ongoing issue with terrible response by City of Minneapolis.
  • 1317 University Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota - Marcy Holmes
    See Tweet here: https://twitter.com/Jake_Rudy/status/1042456732247760896
  • 425 Park Ave Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA - Downtown East
    someone has parked a volleyball court in the bike lane. please move it to the north or south side of the light post so I can use the lane as intended. thank
  • 1st Ave Ne & 5th St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - East Bank-Nicollet Island
    Plastic bollards we're installed at this intersection to increase pedestrians safety by requiring drivers to slow down with a sharper corner and to prevent parking close to the intersection which improves line of sight. Many of these are missing. please reinstall or upgrade to more durable solution.
  • 601 Se Main St Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA - Marcy Holmes
    Yellow VW Beetle parked in same spot for 4 days. Repeat offender. 200+ people live in this street and the ordinance says 72 hours. Enforce the law please.