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  • 301 Oak Grove St Minneapolis 55403, United States - Loring Park
    Black Audi SUV parked in no parking zone and encroaching on driveway
  • 3326 Sheridan Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA - Cleveland
    the alleyway just got plowed and all they did was push it into people's driveways instead of actually getting rid of the snow and pushing it away. I had seen a post by council member Cunningham that if this happened we could report it until the city to come out and clear the snow
  • 5704 S 28th Ave Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA - Wenonah
    residents of 5704 28th ave s continuously shovel snow from their driveway into piles in the middle of the alley behind their garage making it even more difficult to drive through
  • 1926 W Broadway Ave Minneapolis 55411, United States - Jordan
    Snow drifts in Alleys
  • 3715 Penn Ave N Minneapolis 55412, United States - Cleveland
    Alley between queen and penn Ave needs to be plowed.
  • 25 Sidney Pl Minneapolis, MN 55414, USA - Prospect Park
    Sidney Place was not plowed during the snow emergency
  • 1198 West 59th Street Minneapolis, MN 55419, United States of America - Kenny
  • 3201 Portland Ave Minneapolis 55407, United States - Central
  • 4700 W Lake Harriet Pkwy Minneapolis 55410, United States - Fulton
    Litter container full
  • 5044 Vincent Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55430, USA - Shingle Creek
    sidewalk corners at both ends of vincent ave n 50th-51st have large piles on corners. have to climb over as a walker. please clear snow
  • 116 Portland Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA - Elliot Park
    Portland Ave S and S 7th St
  • 2638 Humboldt Ave N Minneapolis 55411, United States - Jordan