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  • 117 27th Ave Se Minneapolis, Minnesota - Prospect Park
    Needs Additional No parking/bike lane signs. Numerous cars keep parking in the bike lane but 311 says they won't enforce due to lack of adequate signage. This is endangering bikers and needs to be addressed ASAP
  • Pothole Archived
    3463 Hiawatha Ave Minneapolis 55406, United States - Howe
    Multiple holes along railroad track crossing on E. 35th St. between Hiawatha and Dight avenues
  • 619 S 3rd St Minneapolis 55415, United States - Downtown East
    Bus parked in bike lane. Red stop lights were not used. Bus number 486, Northstar.
  • 500 South 6th St Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA - Elliot Park
  • Washington Ave S & 11th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA - Downtown East
    Car parked in bike lane
  • Grand Av S West 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55409, United States of America - Kingfield

    This building has a new owner and Peter Pan Cleaners is closing. Now would be a good time to inspect this building and make sure it is brought up to code.

    Building in severe state of deterioration. Roof in center of building has sagged up to 12 inches so drain had to be moved. This rain leader has never been removed from the sanitary sewer system (314 and 316 have new drains to parking lot but not 322). Store front windows are bulging out at the bottom apparently ready to collapse. Renovation has begun on 316 but electrical boxes are just hanging creating a fire hazard. Chimney for boiler is severely deteriorated and poorly repaired without permit. Plans are to remove the dry cleaning steam boiler and equipment. Does this need a permit (posible contamination)? Roof has extensive leaking causing plaster to fall from the walls and ceiling. This was recently patched without permit and continues to leak. Oil and contaminants have leaked in the basement floor.

    314, 316, and 322 have been haphazardly repaired for years and has many plumbing and electrical and structural deficiencies. The neighborhood looks forward to a profesional renovation. Please inspect the property and advise the new owner of any deficiencies or code violations.

    Thank you.
    The neighborhood

  • 1700-1798 N 35th Ave Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA - Folwell
    Occupants moved out and left behind several smashed televisions in the yard.
  • Huron Blvd Se & Fulton St Southeast Huron Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States of America - Prospect Park
    There are some severe potholes in the intersection of Huron St and Fulton in the prospect park area , especially when you are taking a left eastbound from Fulton onto Huron. It has caused traffic and damage to my bicycle
  • 1606-1698 University Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota - University District
    Bike lane blocked for several blocks of University Ave. Road is clear but snow was plowed into bike lane from sidewalk and road.
  • 519 Oak Grove St Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Loring Park
    We would like a crosswalk across 15th from the intersection with oak grove street to allow pedestrians traffic to safely cross the street into Loring Park. Thank you.
  • 310 15th Ave Se Minneapolis Mn 55414 United States - University District
  • 2828 15th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA - Midtown Phillips