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  • 1809 E Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55413, United States - Southeast Como
    I bike on the Diagonal Trail. I’m glad there is now a protected 2-way bike lane on the east side of 18th. However, crossing the street, southbound on the Diagonal at the northeast corner of Stinson and Hennepin is dangerous! Westbound cars on Hennepin turn right on a red light there, without even looking to see if bikes/peds are using the path. I have narrowly escaped being hit twice this week at that spot. There is a “No turn on red” sign there, but motorists routinely ignore that sign. Further, the Diagonal trail is obscured by the railroad bridge structure so they don’t see me coming, lit up and very visible. Please do something about this potentially dangerous situation.
  • 310 15th Ave Se Minneapolis Mn 55414 United States - University District
  • 2916 S 9th St Minneapolis 55406, United States - Seward
    Someone has setup a tent with a bike and trailer and lots of trash
  • 264 11th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55415, USA - Downtown East
  • 147 E 17th St Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA - Stevens Square
    This is the trash left on the I94 side of the fence in the Overlook Gardens on E 17th Street.
  • 3018 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55408, United States - East Calhoun
    Giant white truck in bike lane. Cyclist can’t use the lane at all and busses are getting completely stuck on Hennepin ave.
  • 1011 W 24th St Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA - Lowry Hill East
    vehicles parked in bike lane.
  • 3018 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55408, United States - East Calhoun
    Multiple cars parked in the bike lane blocking bike bus and car traffic
  • 326–398 17th Ave Se Minneapolis 55414, United States - University District
    3 parked cars in 17th Ave bike lane
  • 3043 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis 55408, United States - Calhoun
    5 cars blocking traffic and bike lane
  • 1317 University Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, Minnesota - Marcy Holmes
    See Tweet here: https://twitter.com/Jake_Rudy/status/1042456732247760896
  • 1101 S 3rd St Minneapolis 55415, United States - Downtown East
    Car parked in bike lane.