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  • 1352 Sw High Ave Topeka, KS, 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 6
    House consistently has large gatherings for Young Life, a college organization. Sign on window on meeting nights says “Young Life College, Young Life tonight.” This evening 2/25, over 20 cars jammed the street, creating parking issues and issues with people getting access to their own driveways. This is the same organization that was holding Tuesday meetings at houses in College Hill before the city put an end to it.
  • 1921-1935 Sw Collins Ave Topeka, KS 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 6
    Abandoned 25 years ago. Getting extremely unpainted and rotten. Can be rebuilt if sold. Does not need the city to tear it down.
  • 1920 Sw 13th St Topeka, KS 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 6
    White Ford truck parked on south side of 13th street has not moved in a month. Also, temporary tag on maroon car in driveway has had the dates changed 3x on it. I believe it's an illegal tag.
  • 1344 Sw High Ave Topeka, KS, 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 6

    Gold Toyota parked in front of (and owned by) 1344 SW High Ave.
    Vehicle was parked in street at 3:00 pm Friday afternoon (9/27). As of 3:00 on 9/30, it is still in the street and has not been used/moved. They are now a full 24 hours in excess of the 48 hours allowed by city ordinance.

    I'm not sure why these folks continue to thumb their nose at the parking ordinance. TPD has visited with/educated them on the ordinance. Maybe it's the counting to 48 that they struggle with. Maybe a parking ticket would help them figure it out.

    Per City Code:
    10.60.100 Parking more than 48 hours.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to park or permit the parking, storing or standing of any vehicle upon any public street or street parking in the city for any continuous period of more than 48 hours. Any motor vehicle which shall have been found to have remained parked, stored or located upon any of the public streets or parkings of the city for a continuous period of more than 48 hours shall be deemed a public nuisance and such nuisance may be abated in the manner provided in this article.

  • 1525 Sw Washburn Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 6
    This property is getting more disgusting by the day, bloody mattress, fish tank, cement slab, trash, over flowing drive off. It needs to be condemned if the owner wont keep it up!!
  • 1801 Sw 13th St Topeka, KS 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 6
    This property seems to have turned into a chop shop in the last month. Someone needs to get this property under control and police need to get their eyes on this house. They do almost all work in the street at night. Multiple vehicles are being torn apart weekly. Crap is pouring out in the yard also. Eyesore for the last 2 months.
  • 2000 Southwest Atwood Avenue Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 6
    Abandon, boarded up, half burned house is a deep eye sore to the neighborhood. Can't something be done to improve the lot?
  • 3741 Sw Huntoon St Topeka, KS 66604, USA - City of Topeka Council District 6
    I have previously reported this property and a case was created. The owners came and picked up the branches and over growth from the front and the side and mowed one time. While they were there they advised me people had been going into that house but they boarded the door up so it should be ok now. And then the owners haven't been back since. Now the yard is getting out of control again and even better we now have squatters who have set up camp on the front porch and in the back yard!!! This is supposed to be a safe neighborhood, all of my neighbors are respectful of their community and homes. Now I do not even feel safe allowing my kids outside to play because I do not know of these people are under the influence or have mental health issues or even worse possible sex offenders!! The car break ins have increased in our neighborhood, it could easily be these people and they go back and hide at this home! I have NO IDEA how the city of Topeka has allowed this to go on for at a minimum a year! especially since this house sits on the corner of a Main road!! This is a abandoned home that is completely full of trash!! The yard and trash are creating rodent issues and nothing was done, and now it's gotten even worse!! I will be contacting the Governor's Office so hopefully this matter will be taken care of for once and for all!
  • Alley Archived
    1518 Sw Jewell - Alley - City of Topeka Council District 6
    Sink hole has been repaired multiple times, and always begins sinking again. It will become very large if not addressed. Perhaps it is time to do a concrete repair.
  • Pothole Archived
    1308 Sw High Ave Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 6
    At 13th Street alley between High and Wayne beginning at 1300 High to 1312 High, there are numerous deep, large potholes from the entry to the alley at 1300 High up to 1312 High. Please repair. They are probably 8-10 " deep and at least a foot wide. Thank you.
  • 1331 Sw High Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 6
    unsafe structure
    sidewalk blocked
  • Abandoned Car Archived
    2201 Sw Washburn Ave Topeka, Kansas - City of Topeka Council District 6
    The car is on the north side of the street - directly across from my driveway. I have a home occupation license and it interferes with older clients driving in and out of my driveway. It is a gray Chevy Impala license plate 474JKH with a tow rope attached to the front and a block behind the rear passenger side tire.