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  • 1 Maplewood Avenue Maplewood NJ - Maplewood
    I was disappointed to hear that the Maplewood town council had considered a ban on leaf blowers but then backed down. They say that they want a green town -- here is their chance to do something. Get rid of these noisy, polluting, dust-blowing nuisances! Rakes work just fine, don't use any gasoline, don't pollute, and make almost no noise!
  • Corner Of 5th And Valley St South Orange, NJ 07079 - South Orange
    It is impossible to cross Valley Street to go to Memorial Park. No one stops at the cross walk and when people do other cars just go around them. We really need a light there that would only be activated when someone want to cross the street
  • 26 S Orange Ave South Orange, NJ 07079 - South Orange
  • 257 Audley St South Orange, New Jersey - South Orange
    Catch basin has clogged up again and the asphalt around the grate has collapsed. See attached photo (there has been overflowing/standing water on top if the grate for over 2-3 weeks). Please fix asap! This catch basin is the sump pump drain for 257 & 263 Audley St.
  • 261 Audley South Orange, NJ - South Orange
    There are several pot holes on Audley St between S Ridgewood and Kendall that are in need of repair
  • Potholes Archived
    213 Audley St South Orange, NJ 07079 - South Orange
    Huge potholes at the intersection of Audley St and Kendall Ave. These have been present for several months. Please fix ASAP
  • 257 Audley St South Orange, NJ 07079, USA - South Orange
    There is a catch-basin that is not working properly and is causing water to back up into properties on 257 & 261 Audley St. The DPW in South Ornage has been contacted yet it has not been resolved. A DPW employee came out last week to look at the catch basin, but it has not been cleared.
  • 261 Audley South Orange, NJ - South Orange
    The sewer catch basin between 261 & 257 Audley is clogged up. The houses' sump pumps feed into this catch basin and we are risk of back ups into our basements if this is not cleared out ASAP.
  • 1st St And Sloan St South Orange, NJ - South Orange
    There is a sidewalk shoveled that only goes up about 1/3 of the length of the street. Meaning people have to walk up the wrong way of a one way into oncoming traffic on slippery roads to walk up the road. How did only 1/3 of the sidewalk get done?
  • 289 Grove Rd South Orange, NJ 07079 - South Orange
    traffic conditions are dangerous for children
  • Ridgewood Rd And Lenox Ave South Orange, NJ - South Orange
    I don't think it's a bulb, it appeared that all the lights were out at the intersection where the flashing yellow/red lights are.
  • 266 W End Rd South Orange, NJ - South Orange
    I was charged $50 for a trip to NWK airport by Nicolas Taxi LLC. The driver had a card which said the flat fee is $25. What is the usual and customary fee for this service?? Did the driver take advantage of a female senior citizen?