Children of Hope

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Damica Davis-Kone, mother of four boys. Activist for equality, peace and children who can't defend themselves.

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  • Litter Archived
    902-920 Spruce St Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    Litter is throw in the street and sidewalks. If you are walking to the trolley stop, throw it in the trash can. People even throw trash next to their cars. Too lazy to take it inside. Everyday you can fill a plastic bag with the trash laying in the streets.
    Clean up after yourself but that is asking a lot from some people.
  • 1099 Bartram Ave Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    why are there even stop signs on these corners? no one stops. not even school buses. it's a joke. i'm going to start recording it with my camcorder.
  • 1014 Minden Lane Collingdale, PA - Collingdale
    there are big rocks and boulders all over the sidewalks from 1014 Minden and around the corner on the side. the borough has been notifyed and nothing gets done, there is no handicapped access and someone is going to get hurt.
  • Sycamore & Rively Aldan, PA - Collingdale
    Street light at Sycamore and Rively, Aldan, PA has been out for a couple of weeks. The street is very dark. Please see that it is replaced.
  • 301-353 Roberta Ave Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    The literacy level in Collingdale must be at an all time low. Apparently no one knows how to read the word stop. If you see a read octagon sign assume it means stop your vehicle the proceed. Seriously how ignorant is it to drive 40 MPH through a stop sign on a street where kids are playing? You ignorant POSs.
  • 931 Andrews Ave Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    No one stops at the stop sign at Andrews Ave and Collingdale Ave. Even the cops blow by this one! It may be a "side street" but people treat it as if it's a highway. They fly down these 2 streets and 1 out of every 5 cars might stop. We have a ton of kids in this area and luckily (knock on wood) none of them have been hit! If an officer would post up there once in a while, they would definately write enough tickets to pay for anything the township may need! LIKE MORE COPS since it's getting so bad!
  • BARKING DOG Archived
    Corner Of Pusey Ave. & Juliana Terr. - Collingdale
    This neighbor's dog barks constantly. Day, night, when people pass by, when you park in front of your own house. No one ever comes out to settle the dog down. The dog is constantly chained to a pole on the deck. Sometimes you have to turn your television up just so you can hear... Very annoying!
  • 400 Block Of Pusey Ave - Collingdale
    Hay Bobby Adams I know for a fact That any where from 15 to 30 cars a day buzz the stop signs on Pusey and Marshall rd. and to make it worse the police department does the same!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 106 Wayne Ave Collingdale, PA - Collingdale
    This street is a constant source of trash from the local Wawa and Chinese store. It's scattered all over the place!
  • 727 Bartram Ave Collingdale, PA 19023, USA - Collingdale
    Large pot hole forming in driveway landlord needs to give this his attention
  • Chestnut & Bartram Ave - Collingdale
    The grass on this empty lot is constantly overgrown. Every year it gets to be almost waist high before someone cuts it, then it is let to grow waist high once again. it is pretty dangerous pulling off chestnut onto bartram. you cannot see over or around the tall grass.