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  • Eld St New Haven, CT 06511 - SOHU
    City Workers continue their longstanding efforts to destroy the trees in the East Rock neighborhood. Defying repeated complaints, city workers continue to regularly staple parking signs to trees, as if they were irrelevant to the quality of life (not to mention health) of New Haven residents. (Take a stroll down Eld and count the staples in each tree!!!) These workers had a party before the New Haven marathan, stapling up Grove as well. Trying to get the attention of public works on this issue is about as effective as writing postcards to the Bush adminstration.
  • Bradley St New Haven Ct - SOHU
    Just called New Haven police nonemergency number, to report a number of vehicles without permits parked on Bradley Street. First night of the new restaurant, Roosevelts, open.
  • Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    Given the current epidemic of package-from-doorstep theft in East Rock---we were hit today---I thought it might be useful to open a thread about possible steps. Barring any police assistance (child, please!), we're on our own.

    My suggestion: We all start leaving empty Amazon delivery boxes on our doorsteps. That would make it difficult for the thieves to identify which homes have a (real) package and those that are empty. It strikes me that the thieves want to move quickly; if we're adding lots of boxes, it slows them down, and it increases the chances that one of us will see them. If enough of us do this, it may make theft unprofitable since the thieves will faced with a higher chance of being caught and a higher chance of scoring an empty box. Any other ideas welcome, but I'll be putting out boxes in the morning and on random days thereafter.

  • Eld St New Haven, CT - SOHU

    What is UP with this?! Somebody new on the job? Street-sweeping "no parking" signs have been stapled to trees young and old all over this neighborhood and probably beyond. It's bad enough for the mature trees, but the young ones can't handle it.

    I honestly thought this issue had been hashed out and solved over the last couple of years. Way to undermine the hours of good work of neighbors and URI, guys.

    Will the city please send someone around to carefully remove the signs and staples from all the trees, asap? And please, please be extra gentle with the new trees.

  • 30 Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    This happens all over my route between the train station and East Rock, but today it was here. A driver came up behind me in his black Honda and was sounding his horn and revving his engine. I was already as close as I dare get to the parked cars for fear of getting doored. The driver proceeded to squeal his tires passing me with about a one foot clearance instead of the three feet required by law. He then cut me off at the intersection, but I am sure that had more to do with the gesture I gave as a reaction after being nearly run over by this maniac.

    I would love to again see the signs on the buses reminding drivers to share the road with cyclists.

  • 758 State St. New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU
    Cars frequently park in the no parking zone on State St. by the intersection with Bradley St., right in front of Cafe Goodfellas. This is a no parking zone for a good reason - cars parked there obstruct the view of drivers turning from Bradley onto State. In particular, at least several times a week I see a black Mercury SUV parked illegally in front of Cafe Goodfellas. I'm pretty sure this SUV belongs to the restaurant owner. He was parked illegally again today. When I asked him to move his car to a legal parking spot, explaining the visibility issue, his response was "Or what?" Way to be a good neighbor, Cafe Goodfellas! My question to the city: Can we get some more active parking enforcement in this area? I'd especially like to see some enforcement on evenings and weekends, when it seems like there is virtually no enforcement at all.
  • 754 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    Roosevelts on the corner of State Street and Bradley Street is open after hours AGAIN!!! They are zoned to be open NO LATER than 11:30pm. This has become their normal operating practice. They clearly don't fear any fines or suspensions. NHPD and any other City/State Agency please take notice of this post. This has got to be stopped!
  • Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    The City continues to staple Emergency No Parking signs (and street cleaning notices) to yong sapling trees on Eld Street. Would be great if the City could stop doing this. We should try to save as many trees as we can before UI kills, I mean, prunes, them.
  • 4 Eld St. New Haven, CT - SOHU
    Apparently every car parked on Eld St. has been ticketed for $30, Code 51. No posted or announced parking ban. What's the deal?
  • Bradley Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    There is a homless man who has creating a dwelling over the past year or so. He is located on the right hand side of the Exit 3 (Trumble Street) exit which happens to be in clear view of people's properties on Bradley Street. There is quite the collection of trash and tarps.
  • 29-31 Eld New Haven, CT - SOHU
    A red dump truck filled with asbestos-contaminated construction material has been quarantined in front of 29-31 Eld Street for over a month now. The materials have been improperly secured; the tarp over the material has come loose repeatedly. This is obviously a health issue as well as a parking one since the truck is taking up prime space in front of our brownstone. Perhaps LCI could look into this?
  • Bradley St. And State St. New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU
    Cars often park illegally on State St. right next to the intersection with Bradley St. This makes it very difficult to see oncoming traffic when turning from Bradley onto State. Better enforcement of the no-parking area at this intersection would make it much safer.