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  • Princeton Dr Albany, NY 12208, USA - Albany
    With the addition of all the new parking garages for AMC, the new traffic lights on Holland Avenue, and all the traffic that leaves the vicinity at 4:30 every day, there have been backups from Delaware Avenue through New Scotland Avenue (and further) on both sides of the road due to congestion. Often the traffic lights (such as the one in front of the VA) allow people from the VA and from the Albany Law parking lot to enter onto Holland, but not enough time for those on Holland to continue on their journey. Hackett backs up as well, as people use Clara Barton Road to try to bypass the traffic. It seems when they did the new intersection at Delaware and Morton, they should have added a third lane for right-turn only onto Delaware to help with the traffic.
  • 5200 New York 28 Mount Tremper, NY 12457, USA - Shandaken
    Hanover farms
    cars pull out into 55 mph traffic. this produce market is illegal , the town and NYSDOT will be partners in the death of an innocent driver.
  • Rte 7 - Troy
    Only way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant in Malta by bus is to travel via Schenectady which would take one and half hours to go 12 miles
  • watervliet, NY - Watervliet
    Only way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant or the malls, by bus is to travel via Schenectady which would take one and half hours to go 12 miles. How does one get a job in the plant or the malls without a car when there is no bus route?
  • Ontario St Cohoes, NY - Cohoes
    Only way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant or the malls in Saratoga county by bus is to travel via Schenectady which would take one and half hours to go 12 miles. How can you get an job at a Rt 146 mall without a car?
  • Maple Ave Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Saratoga County
    takes 10-20 min to get into the school in the morning, kids have been late for school lots of times because of this, even if we get there on time it takes twenty extra minutes waiting in the traffic right along maple ave
  • 4207-4241 New York 50 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA - Town of Wilton
    Ever try to take a left off Jones Rd. on rt 50? I wouldn't recommend it - especially at 5pm. The light at Old Gick is useless - doesn't help at all - PLEASE put a light at Jones & 50 for everyone's safety!!!
  • 1-43 Kimberly Cir Wynantskill, NY 12198, USA - Wynantskill
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 2 Vosburgh Rd Mechanicville, NY 12118, USA - Halfmoon, NY
    When going northbound on 146 and turning right into Sheldon hills, you are often tailgated and the car tailgating you often uses the advanced left turn lane as a passing lane to avoid slowing down for the car that must slow down to turn into sheldon hills. Furthermore, when making a left hand turn out of Sheldon hills, it is virtually impossible as cars use the dedicated left turn lane onto Vosburgh. I hope that it doesn't take a death to have a light installed. With the Sheldon Hills, Estates of Halfmoon and future Belmonte Builders home sites, traffic will only increase. Please help!!
  • 428 Saratoga Street Cohoes, New York - Cohoes
    CDTA operates Northway express buses that run from Saratoga County to Albany they run empty on the return trips. That means Northbound is empty in the AM and Southbound is empty in the PM. Some of these empty return buses could make a stop at EITHER Rt. 32 and Tibbits Ave OR Rt. 32 and 23rd St to pick up passengers for GLOBAL FOUNDRIES. The return buses current pass by these two intersections.
    Current there is no way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant or the malls in Saratoga county by bus. How can you get a job at Rt. 146 malls or GLOBAL FOUNDRIES without a car?
  • 6 Oakwood Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park

    Is anyone else sick and tired of Ross Valve polluting our neighborhood?

    They'll tell you that their emissions are 100% legal but that's a lie.

    The DEC is currently trying to force Ross Valve to clean up their emissions but Ross Valve refuses.

    The DEC case against Ross Valve has been going on for years.

    The Coke (coal by-product) they burn emits massive amounts of poisonous sulpher into the air of our neighborhood.

    You've probably noticed that they almost only pollute at night now. This is because Seton Health and St Marys hospital are less active. Seton Health and St Marys hospital have both complained about Ross Valve but still, nothing happens.

    What does it take to make Ross Valve stop sending poisonous fumes into our neighborhood?

  • 115 Ballston Avenue - Saratoga Springs
    This intersection is a death trap at all hours of the day and night, its bad under perfect conditions but what makes it dangerous is so many motorists don't use their directional signals. NEED TRAFFIC LIGHT HERE!