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  • Cedar Ave And 355 (Fulks Corner) Gaithersburg MD - Gaithersburg
    This is a very busy intersection not only for cars but pedestrian traffic across 355 (Frederick Ave) to the Old Towne area and the MARC stop. There is also a large bus stop on the corner and people have to cross the street during heavily trafficked times to use it. There is a serious need of a cross walk and perhaps a stop light as well since it is very dangerous for cars pulling out of Cedar Ave or Fulks Corner.
  • 9701 Fields Rd Gaithersburg, MD - US Congressional District MD8
    There is a crosswalk from Rio to the Oakwood condos. Currently there is a Yield to Pedestians sign there. It is virtually useless and very misleading causing great danger. There must be a stop sign there, a real, full stop at all times sign.
  • 504 Sunny Brook Terrace #913, Gaithersburg/Montgomery , Maryland 20877 - Gaithersburg
    My husband and I spent nearly 2 hours yesterday shoveling snow, but we weren't able to finnish because he hurt his back and felt sick (he has a heart condition) and I have asthma. I am 64 and he is 60. We both need to get to work
  • 2114 Seminary Road Silver Spring, MD - Gaithersburg

    I'm in a cast and using a walker so I can't shovel or get out of the house.


  • 117 Autumn Hill Way Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA - Gaithersburg
    There was a dead crow and empty water bottles in the back of our house, it was there for more than a week. Some times trash are dumped here.
  • Street light Archived
    454 West Deer Park Road Gaithersburg Md 20877 - Gaithersburg
    The street light was on for 24 hours in our neighborhood.this was happening in Duala Lane behind 454 West Deer Park Road Gaithersburg MD 20877
  • 506 Main Street Gaithersburg, Maryland - Gaithersburg
    This civic amenity has been in disrepair for years, really. It is an eyesore in the community even though it is not the owner's fault that the fountain has been left in the condition. Something needs to be done to remedy this situation due to the fact that it is in a most visible location.
  • Great Seneca Hwy Montgomery Co, MD - Gaithersburg
    Most of the street lights are out on Great Seneca Hwy, and it make riding my bicycle to work difficult, ther are way to many animals that you dont see until you are right up on them.
  • Banner Archived
    24 Brookes Ave - Gaithersburg
  • 401 M St Ne Washington, District of Columbia - Gaithersburg

    I'm disable need assistance for front and side corner sidewalks


  • 6226 9th Street washington, DC - Gaithersburg

    I am in Gaithersburg and will have a hard time clearing my mother door so she can get out if we have a heavy snow and I can not get there.


  • Power out Archived
    4 Michele Ct Gaithersburg, MD - Gaithersburg