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    1413 45th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg 33703, United States - Shore Acres Civic Association
    This is the second report. Homeowner has maintenance person who continues to pour what smells like gasoline on the rock yard to kill weeds. The house is on the canal and with all the rain, the runoff is contaminating our waterways
  • 701 37th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Allendale Terrace Neighborhood Association Crime Watch
    Broken lid on catch basin
  • 1527 35th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, FL - Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association
    Citizen requesting for lake to be cleaned 11th Ave S & 40th-43rd St S.
  • 465-499 7th Ave N St Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Uptown
    There was a strong chemical smell coming from Round Lake this last week and now birds have started dying. There are at least three dead ducks at the Lake as of yesterday. What did the city do to the lake? We have contacted Fish and Wildlife and are taking one bird to a sanctuary.
  • Flooding Archived
    838 77th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702, USA - Fossil Park Neighborhood Association
    It rained last night ... one night of rain and we have 8 inches of standing water in our alley! which spills over into our yards... the neighbors behind me and myself have brought in fill dirt and yet this problem continues! If a fire truck or a power truck needed to access this alley they couldn't putting our safety in jeopardy!!! I have photos but they won't load...I've had enough...we pay taxes too and don't deserve to have been dealing with this for the past few years.... It's not a canal! Time to hit the media since the city refuses to take responsibility and fix what you messed up!
  • 1701–1799 Walnut St Ne Saint Petersburg 33704, United States - Historic Old Northeast
    Severe pothole. Very dangerous to bikers (injured biker this morning) and damaging cars. Also holds water 24/7, increasing mosquito risk.
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    533 1/2 2nd St N St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    I have a suggestion - I Love where I reside & I walk my dog about 8 blks. around my bldg. LITTERING IS RAMPANT on NE 4th & 5th Aves on a DAILY BASIS (sadly) but is DIRTY & QUITE EXCESSIVE AFTER ANY EVENT AT VINOY POINT OR WILLIAMS PARK. It's NOT as bad on Beach Drive, but still there is litter there too- but as attendees walk to their cars after these Big Events - it's horrid. I told an officer that initially upon moving here, I was picking up the trash until I picked up a potato chip bag FILLED WITH URINE! I would like to make a suggestion & request for SEVERAL TRASH RECEPTACLES ON EACH BKOCK - BOTH on 4th & 5th STREETS heading past University up to at least 2nd Ave. Additionally I feel because the receptacles are PAINTED BROWN people don't NOTICE THEM. I've had to LOOK for them myself. I feel our artistic City could support a "paint the trash can" type event & we could promote colorful beach & artistic designs in these "cans" to help them be NOTICED & USED BETTER. That's my request & suggestion. If I can help coordinate this - I am happy to do so. It truly upsets me; and I feel it demeans our beautiful city & I feel the painting project would just add more artistic beauty to our city like the mural projects. Thanks for your time!
  • 720 13th Ave S Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    There is a white pitbull locked in an outdoor cage. he is never let out and doesnt even stand up anymore. no food or water. this dog is dying there all alone. please prosecute these people.
  • 1876 Coffee Pot Blvd Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    The sea wall is cracked l. It extends down the edge of the sea wall down to the water line. The concrete is separating. The crack also extends across the side walk and it's not level. This could cause a problem for rollerbladers. The crack is getting larger. Please look into repairing as it will get worse and noire costly if neglected. I have called the City Engineering Department and left messages twice with no response. Thank you.
  • 3643 47th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Disston Heights Civic Association
    This renter has only cut the grass ONCE, last spring. There are piled up tree branches and 3ft high weeds that grow out into the street blocking the drainage of rain water on our street.
  • 6400-6598 96th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I think Pinellas Park is one of the most well-managed cities in the county. However, with all due respect, I do have a question. I am wondering why the city chose to make our beautiful neighborhood so much less lovely the past couple of months. I want to know why they have chosen to remove the trees and bushes around Helen Howarth Park, Forbes Rec Center, and Fire Dept. 34. It was bulldozed, and it now looks like hell on earth with just dirt and a few mutilated, spindly trees. The lovely greenspaces in this area are one of the things that attracted us to it- that and the horse farms and the casual feeling you get living here. Now I see that a lot of the natural areas and wildlife are being destroyed for no apparent reason. They are not in the way of anything, so it just seems so senseless. In fact, this is one of the reasons my husband and I feel it might be time to leave Pinellas Park for "greener pastures". A word to the wise, many studies have shown that people prefer to live (and shop) in areas with lots of mature trees around. It makes people feel safe and nurtured, as well as giving us a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing. Having natural areas gives folks in the community a feeling of well-being and a scenic place to ride horses, walk, and recreate. With Pinellas Park's evident plan to take away our natural areas and make things look as hideous as possible, you can expect property values to go down. It has even been shown that a lack of natural areas adds to the amount of crime and stress in the community. People with a conscience (and people with higher incomes) will not want to live here. Also, we need trees to help our climate be more moderate and livable, and to keep our oxygen levels in our atmosphere replenished. Those who cut down trees and destroy natural areas, especially unnecessarily, are being very self-destructive and short-sighted. They are leading to ill health and unhappiness for people in the community, and taking away the homes of rabbits, birds, and other wildlife. I would like to know how the city justifies cutting down and taking away trees and plants - in a PARK of all places! I mean no offense, but I hope you will consider stopping this practice, and perhaps consider replanting, to remedy the harm that has been done. Thank you for your time and attention to this. I appreciate your consideration.
    Yours sincerely,
    Sheri Morrison
  • Protests Archived
    340 Rowland Ct Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Many people in the area fear that if the city allows the protestors to break laws, no matter how small (graffiti, traffic violations, fights, threats, etc.), it will lead to greater law breaking such as is happening in Portland, Chicago, New York, etc. There is also concern that the city posting the Black Lives Matter images on their site is supporting one group over the other. Most people believe is social change, but not in that particular organization which stands for something completely different. As a city, you are alienating those citizens that support the police & believe that organization (not the movement itself for change) is a violent organization focused on law breaking, violating citizens rights & bullying. It is not right for the city to support the fear mongers instead of their peaceful tax paying citizens. You give an inch, they take a mile & there is fear in your citizens. That is not right. Support the law abiding citizens that are now fearful and won’t walk Beach at night, won’t go to the pier during certain hours and are silenced because they do not feel supported by their local government.