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  • 9350 87th Ave N Seminole, FL, 33777, USA - Commission District 6
    Mosquito Problem during all hours of the day. They swarm us when we are outside. Luckily the bug spray and citronella save us, but, they are worse this year than in the past. We have made sure there is no standing water on our property, but, we are not sure about the neighbors. Thanks for all you do!
  • 511 29th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association
    Most significant Mosquito issue in the 30+ years we have lived at this address. Mostly on west side of garage, I searched for standing water and other breeding sites, cleaned rain gutters, etc. Believe, based upon comparing with web images, it is a yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus). I am home all days due to coronavirus mitigation and can grant access to property - Thank you, Cliff Molaskey
  • 6605 5th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Uptown Neighborhoods
    Water holding in parking lot when it rains.
  • 1368-1620 Park St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Jungle Prada Neighborhood Association
    Empty lot full of standing water. Mosquito swarms.
  • 14772 63rd Way N South Highpoint, FL, 33760, USA - South Highpoint
  • Dan Wheldon Way Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Commission District 7
    Lots of trash and sea grass(dead) along the sea wall in the South Yacht Basin across from the Dali and next to Albert Whitted Park. Not a good look for the city.
  • 4801-4865 Sunrise Dr S St Petersburg, FL, 33705, USA - Commission District 7
    There is standing water in the park’s drainage ditch.
  • 8006 12th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707, USA - Yacht Club Estates Civic Association
    A City stormwater crew replaced the curb in hopes of moving water to the drain. The work failed. Water still stands. It is now causing the pavement to crack along the road. And it breads mosquitoes and tadpoles.
    Can you fill the curb with concrete or asphalt leaving a small channel for the water to drain?
  • 1700 73rd Circle NE. 33702 - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    Storm water back up. Can not drive out of driveway.
  • 105 Palmetto Ln Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    Six thirty am
  • 110th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33716, USA - St. Petersburg
    there are numerous large potholes, one of which there is now a horse work piece sitting in it. There are also those horse things in the water at Trellis and on the sidewalk and people keep moving them around and throwing them in the water. Please get rid of these as they are serving absolutely no purpose. Fix the sidewalk if it needs fixed, please. I walk it all the time and it has some issues but it's not major enough to put those up and leave them for people to mess around with.
  • 105 Harbor Bluff Dr Largo FL 33770, United States - Harbor Bluffs