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  • 3151 Tern Way Clearwater, FL, 33762, USA - Feather Sound

    Dear Pinellas County Mosquito Control Staff,
    Would like to formally request the following treatment options/services be performed as soon as possible:
    1) Mobile/Walking Fog Machines (to treat hotspots in between and behind houses)
    2) Truck fogging (to treat front yards and street level areas)

    For the record, I will only take the step of submitting request to your office as a matter of last resort. I have been diligent in making sure no standing water on my property and those neighbors properties who are participating in neighbors mosquito control (everyone making sure their own yard has no standing water, etc.

    But it is to the point again that the mosquitos are very bad. So much so, it is hard to be out front in day time now, let alone night. We very satisfied with our current county tech, Pete, as he has done exceptional job and truly committed to listening to our key areas of concern and treating accordingly. So respectfully ask that treatment be rendered at address listed and those surrounding houses. Thank you for your time. Regards, Chadwick F.

  • 2488 20th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - North Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    The mosquitos are swarming! I am located across from the lot that the sanitation dept. stores the garbage cans. These cans are holding water which is allowing the mosquitos to breed. The grass doesn't get cut either which is also an issue for mosquitos. Something needs to be done. I may need to contact Pinellas County to come inspect and see if the Sanitation Dept is the cause of heavy mosquitos
  • 600 40th St N St Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    Pond was sprayed about a month ago but did not kill the algea in pond. String algea is covering the entire pond, odor is pretty bad at times. Please spray the retention pond at 41st Street and 6th Avenue north.
  • 15 N Arcturas Ave Clearwater, FL, 33765, USA - Clearwater
    Can someone help please? I think my neighbors house is tied into mine for water. I pay a lot for water and every month when the city shows up for meter reads the lady parks her car on the water meter so it can’t be read. This has happened the whole 4 years I’ve been in this house. Can someone come take a look on a day my area is not scheduled for meter reads?
  • 2701 57th St N St Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Disston Heights Civic Association
    I can’t even open my front door without swatting at 10 mosquitos. We are diligent about dumping standing water if we get any. This is my first time to ask for service. They seem worse earlier than normal. I watch small children in my home for a living and they are eating my babies up! Also my son and mom and myself. Thank you for considering.
  • 3142 Sixth Ave N Saint Petersburg FL 33713, United States - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association

    My neighbors and I are experiencing extreme mosquito and flea issues despite spraying our yard with stuff we connected to our hose and also a professional pest control company. Please help us. Our dogs and kids are being affected. We are also worried about our indoor only cats. There’s no standing water and no dead animals. Thank you.

    Please call first before entering our yard. We have a very protective large dog.

  • Flooding Archived
    216 4th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    I reported flooding at curb December 25th and January 6th and the 8th. Chris Allen of Stormwater said it it would be cleared January 12th. That never happened. It rained again last night January 15th. This picture today ,January 16th. The water is 2 inches deep. It had dried up a little before today. Where is the clean-up crew???????
  • 105 Palmetto Ln Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    620 AM Mondays
  • 120 Harbor View Ln Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    6:20 AM Friday
  • 560 Carillon Pkwy Saint Petersburg, FL, 33716, USA - St. Petersburg
    Storm drains clogged in front of 560 ( PSCU ) and 500 ( TransAmerica ) Carillon Parkway.
  • 111 Harbor Bluff Dr Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    6:20 AM Monday
  • 5143 3rd Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707, USA - Westminster Heights Neighborhood Association
    The dumpsters in the alleys seem to really be attracting mosquitos. Not sure if they can be treated. People leave them open or fill them until they can't be closed, then they collect water and trash. One trashcan got burnt down during 4th of July and now there is a melted blob of plastic and trash all over the place. The city should be out today to clean it up, but I believe it's really adding to the bug problem