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  • 2059 Iowa Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33703, USA - Venetian Isles Homeowners Association
    The sinking along the sewer line is worsening over the past month when I first reported the issue
  • Road Issue Archived
    1331 Mentone Dr Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Commission District 6
    Over the past 4 years the road has been deteriorating and now there is a giant crater that holds water and does not drain to the ditch but is draining into my yard and has washed most of my shell away. This is a road and drainage issue on Mentone Drive. It floods so bad into my yard due to the road that it is virtually impossible to get to any of our vehicles with shoes on
  • 9029 Baywood Park Dr Seminole, FL, 33777, USA - Seminole
    Mosquito's have been very bad at ALL times for the last couple of weeks. With all the rain and being on low ground, several areas of standing water as well.
  • 13570 99th Ave N Seminole, FL, 33776, USA - Commission District 6
    Watering on Wednesday afternoon at 12:45pm. Continously watering on wrong days and during the afternoon. Been occurring for years and is not being addressed.
  • 1770 52nd Ave N Saint Petersburg 33714, United States - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    People have moved into a camper in the back yard of 1770 52nd Ave N and have parked a commercial trailer (among other vehicles) on the street. With no sewage, running water or electric this should not be allowed in a residential neighborhood.
  • 1129 Venetian Harbor Dr Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - St. Petersburg
    Mosquitos are crazy already. Multiple water ponds on this street and on Venetian bay across the street as well as big puddles in the out of use RV park behind us. (Riveria bay)
  • 119 Crestwood Ln Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    6:30 AM Monday
  • Tree Issue Archived
    Park Blvd Seminole, FL, 33777, USA - Seminole
    Eastbound on Park Blvd between Pebble Beach Lane and Park Street N, there are two locations where overhanging limbs are obstructing the sidewalk.
  • 150 Se Monroe Cir N St Petersburg, FL, 33703, USA - Edgemoor Neighborhood Association
    We don’t have standing water, and we have our pest control person routinely spray for mosquitoes, but nothing seems to help. If I’m outside longer than 30 seconds in the afternoon, I’ll have mosquito bites. It’s awful!
  • 7090 131st St N Seminole, FL, 33776, USA - Commission District 6
    The big drain in front of our property is too ful of grass and weeds. The county used to have a slant mower to maintain it. We can not do it. It is a major drain field . I havent seen a mower out here in a very long time. year? Also the embankment dirt has washed into the area making it not as deep as it was and the water backs up into our yard and our nieghbors Thanks
  • 920-934 Beach Dr Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Bushes have covered half of major sidewalk at 934 Beach Drive, obstructing walk to downtown
  • 1990 59th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Commission District 7
    This property has as been empty since May 2019, up for sale since October 2019. Concerned this pool with standing water, as breeding ground for mosquitoes.