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  • 2625 13th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Wildwood Heights Neighborhood Association
    Stormwater depression in the road in front of this address.
  • Bayshore Drive Southeast Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Why are they not opening Central and 1rst Avenue at the waterfront ASAP? The Grand Prix Race is a huge disruption to this area for 7 weeks, you'd think by Tuesday following the Race crews would be working to open these two critical streets back up!
  • 624-630 11th Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    Storm drain clogged near this property sending water pouring into the lot during recent downpour ( 7/4/17 around 7:30pm)
  • 6643 4th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Commission District 7
    Our yard has been flooding for @ 5 years. We have lived in our house nearly 20 years. This has been a recent issue. We have reported this issue before, but nothing has been done. We are wondering if it has to do with a French drain installed at our next door neighbors to the west of us, which drains into the alley AND the neighbor across the alley from them also has a drain in the alley, probably from their pool, that drains to the alley. There are back yards flooded 2 to 3 houses on either side of these drains. I was talking to someone recently that said they should be drained to the road not the alley. Wondering if someone can please help!
  • 2825 8th Ave Sw Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    stormwater pipes at south side of property along 8thAve SW appear to be broken and roadside section of property is saturated. Water flow above property (to the west) is clear fast and steady, and water flow below property (to the est) is muddy and considerably slower flow indicating a blockage. Same color of muddy water is present above ground at eastern portion of driveway.Attached image is looking down into manhole directly in front of property.
  • Pothole Archived
    1400-1410 24th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Greater Woodlawn Neighborhood Association
    There is a drain grate-that has sunken down 6 inches and the water does not drain. Also there is a new pot hole next to it as well. This alley has had an ongoing issue for 4 years and the city has promised to fix but still has done nothing...
  • Other Archived
    451-499 45th Street North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    The house on the southwest corner of 45th street north and 5th avenue north is watering every afternoon between 2p and 4 pm. I believe there are restrictions on watering and they are not following them.
  • 2500 West Bay Isle Dr Se Saint Petersburg, Florida - Tropical Shores Neighborhood Association
    curb is holding water - not draining
  • 5010 81st Avenue North Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    Can we please put in a splashpad or similar aquatic activity for the children of Pinellas Park to enjoy during these sweltering summer months. We drive all the way to Brandon, Zephyrhills, Clearwater and even New Port Richey to enjoy different splash parks and I think it could really bring a lot to the community both in the children's enjoyment and increased commercial opportunities to due more people visiting Pinellas Park from surrounding communities.
  • Other Archived
    1325 74th Circle Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Harbor Isle Homeowners Association
    For the water department or the streets department. There is a wet spot in the road in front of this house (just to the left of the driveway as you face the house). It has been there for two weeks no matter the time of day or the weather. It has been observed carefully and is not due to sprinklers. There is concern that there is a water main break under the road. Thanks for help.
  • 919 30th Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association
    Freshly resurfaced road and new storm water drains and the flooding has gotten worse! Was much better before the “improvements”.
  • 1 Tropicana Drive Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    On January 16th 2018 around 5:30pm I witnessed a bright blue liquid coming out of a pipe at Tropicana field. The pipe is located to the left of the main box office in the creek surrounding the building (near parking lot 7). The pipe was pouring out bright blue liquid and turning the creek a cloudy color. The color is not natural and looks like some sort of chemical is being dumped out. Pictures are attached.