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  • Road Issue Archived
    2042 E Druid Rd Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    We have been under construction for new drainage pipes. They have put new sod in but are watering it with large hoses and blasting the new sod up and flushing the dirt out from under it. Is this the only way to water this new sod? By the time they are done we won't even be able to mow it. It will be so lumpy and torn up.
  • Beach Access Archived
    900 Gulf Blvd Indian Rocks Beach 33785, United States - Indian Rocks Beach
    Golf cart parked at 9th ave beach entrance. Which is a no parking area
  • 400 Beach Dr Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    400 beach Dr ne N/SB
    New signs
  • 567 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    someone is still living out of the utility shed towards the back of the property, continues to pile up junk all over the yard as well. he has had several angry people come thru and question neighbors about his whereabouts, this problem needs to be addressed quickly as its getting worse fast. Not to mention no toilet or running water and no electricity.
  • Dell Holmes Park 2741 22nd St S, Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Commission District 7
    Large pothole at the entrance of Dell Holmes Park. Pothole is located near the turning lane when turning into the park. When the hole is filled with water hole is not visible. Barricade is needed.
  • 1110 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, FL, 33705, USA - Commission District 7
    French drain failed again at enigma.
  • 29th St N & 41st Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - West and East Lealman
    Small drainage canals and old deteriorating storm pipe creating flooding issues and may cause street to become unstable or dangerous to drive on if not repaired or replaced. Storm water does not flow properly and causes flooding in the neighborhood, damaging property.
  • 2918 Coffee Pot Blvd Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association
    Are there rules about blocking views dockside? Every dock along coffee pot allows visibility except this one. Solid walls. Black paint. Such an eyesore. Never saw a permit posted for this awful mess. Floating dock in the water. Huge black box stuck to side of dock. Awful to look at during walks.
  • 2151 Sixth Ave N Saint Petersburg 33713, United States - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    Mosquitos out of control. I suspect due to standing water at neighbors jungle.
    There’s a big difference between swarms from 2151 , 2161 and none at 2171.
    Neighbor won’t clean up any yard debris @2151
    Please investigate and fog area.
  • 4425 78th Ln N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33709, USA - Commission District 7
    Mosquitos here are horrendous. WE LIVE WITH A DITCH BEHIND US !! The BOCC manages the ditch. IT HAS STANDING WATER IN IT!!
    I know about checking for standing water. I am constantly checking on any standing water. The County should check for standing water in the County ditch or SPRAY TIMELY or AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH OR YEAR FOR THAT MATTER!! We have water all around us from The Brackish Lake Seminole & Cross Bayou interchange to Ponds, Joe's Creek and more! This is an issue that needs a spray truck REGULARLY!!!!
  • 11572 115th St Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Commission District 5
    Our neighbor at 11500 116th Ave N
    Largo, FL 33778 has been calling and texting then tonight came banging on our door complaining that after we finish irrigating it drains around to her mailbox. There is maybe an inch or less of water in the drain in front of her mailbox. It does not go into her yard at all. When it rains, it drains the same way. It also dries up within 30 minutes. She has lived there for over 10 to 12 years And just started her drunkin rage on us for really no reason. We would appreciate anything you could do in the way of sending Linda a letter stating the day and times (which she is aware of) to irrigate and any runoff is bound to happen. We gave been very patient and kind to Linda but tonight was quite fearful with her horrible screaming potty mouth. You can reach me at Rebecca 7275185001 or comment on my account of what’s being done or what we need to do. This is my second request. Nothing Happened but my request was being passed around to See click fix. We are going to adjust/replace some irrigation heads along the driveway but really not sure if that will stop any drainage. Someone called and I returned the call immediately and left a detailed message but never heard anything back.
  • 567 11th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    there is a a guy living out of the green shed at the back of the property, no running water, no toilet, and no electricity. now he has a large size aggressive dog over there with him. earlier today the guy was walking around half naked, and now with the dog.