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  • 9583 Sun Isle Dr Ne St Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Riviera Bay Civic Association
    We have mosquitos almost all day long. I have removed all standing water and can't figure out what is causing the issue.
  • 108 Crestwood Ln Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    Illegal watering 630 AM Wednesdays also 116 Crestwood Lane
  • 920-934 Beach Dr Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Bushes have covered half of major sidewalk at 934 Beach Drive, obstructing walk to downtown
  • 4155 Coquina Key Dr Se Saint Petersburg, FL, 33705, USA - Coquina Key Property Owners Association

    there is a red truck that never moves on this lot and has water in it that harbors mosquitoes.

    there is also a boat trailer that does not move.

    this was reported previously but nothing has been done about it

  • 2093 Kansas Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, Florida - Venetian Isles Homeowners Association
    In addition to the second story missing, there is a boat lift dangling in the water.
  • Stormdrain Issues Acknowledged
    5455 Urbane St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - West and East Lealman

    To whom it may concern, my driveway and garage experiences tremendous flooding during a rainstorm. My property has no street gutters or drainage, and all the water from the street flows onto the driveway, and occasionally gets into the garage, causing visible water damage, mold, and property damage. I’ve already had to replace wrotten/damaged drywall in my garage due to high water levels during a rainstorm. Street gutters would solve this problem.
    Thank you for your help.

    Warmest regards,
    Victor Bard

  • 497 1st St S St Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    This is in front of the Waterfront Park Condos and there are for other places on this corner lot that need repaired. The city guard barriers have been up for months but no action
  • 1760 Harmony Dr Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Largo
    The mosquitos are really, really bad. We back up to Eagle Lake Park and the drainage ditch runs right behind my fence. There is always standing water in the ditch despite the work done last year on it. I have looked around my year and cannot find a source large enough to merit the insane amount of mosquitos. I wish you could treat the park? Or the ditch. I work for the county and know you guys do fantastic work and thank you for it. That said, it needs to be addressed somehow as we cannot really even enjoy the amazing backyard we have. They seem to be the ankle biters so I'm guessing it may be standing water somewhere. Thank you!!!
  • 4101-4159 96th Ave N Pinellas Park, FL, 33782, USA - Pinellas Park
    We live by a "small pond" really a mosquito breeding ground. Very shallow standing water in most of the pond between the 10th and 11 th hole. Golf course does some spraying but I think it's for weeds. Mosquitoes are bad even during the day.
  • Flooding/Erosion Acknowledged
    5455 Urbane St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - West and East Lealman
    Water floods his driveway and into garage every time it rains. This is a small side street w/about 10 homes and it needs road gutters installed to re-direct the Stormwater
  • 2565 17th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - North Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    My neighbors have tires, and standing water in potted plants on their properties. This is causing a breeding ground for mosquitos. We are being bit throughout the day. I noticed mosquito bites at 3:00PM and it worsens at night.
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