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  • 105 Harbor Bluff Dr Largo FL 33770, United States - Harbor Bluffs
  • 2780 West Bay Dr Belleair Bluffs, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    This water cap always has water around it. It is on the sidewalk just south of William Dean Chocolates on Indian Rocks.
  • 8759 Silverthorn Rd Seminole, FL, 33777, USA - Commission District 6
    We have water behind our home, and mosquitoes are having a bad affect especially at dusk
  • 4725 28th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - West and East Lealman
    Standing water in sewer ditches for several weeks.
  • 1952 4th Ave S Saint Petersburg 33712, United States - Commission District 7
    Poorly maintained alley. Potholes, high manhole cover. Holding water and unsightly.
  • 3151 Tern Way Clearwater, FL, 33762, USA - Feather Sound

    Dear Pinellas County Mosquito Control Staff,
    Would like to formally request the following treatment options/services be performed as soon as possible:
    1) Mobile/Walking Fog Machines (to treat hotspots in between and behind houses)
    2) Truck fogging (to treat front yards and street level areas)

    For the record, I will only take the step of submitting request to your office as a matter of last resort. I have been diligent in making sure no standing water on my property and those neighbors properties who are participating in neighbors mosquito control (everyone making sure their own yard has no standing water, etc.

    But it is to the point again that the mosquitos are very bad. So much so, it is hard to be out front in day time now, let alone night. We very satisfied with our current county tech, Pete, as he has done exceptional job and truly committed to listening to our key areas of concern and treating accordingly. So respectfully ask that treatment be rendered at address listed and those surrounding houses. Thank you for your time. Regards, Chadwick F.

  • 1015 Boca Ciega Isle Dr Saint Petersburg, FL, 33706, USA - St. Pete Beach
    Asking for an early date for our mosquito control. With the construction on our street and the pooling water on the road, the mosquitoes are already heavy. I am working from home and can let you in the back yard and close my dog inside.
  • 6th Ave N & 55th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Disston Heights Civic Association
    St. Judes retention pond need to be removed
  • 545 35th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    flooding issue in street – storm drain may be clogged
  • 1667-1699 3rd Ave N St Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - Commission District 7
    Spay for mosquito at water resources grounds
  • Gandy Blvd N Saint Petersburg FL 33702, United States - St. Petersburg
    The pipe is blocked/clogged and not allowing storm water to drain. It is backing water up next to Mangrove Financial Group and into Pepos parking lot. The dumpster was also in standing water. This happened last weekend with the storms and will be a major flooding issue this week coming with the forecasted rain.
  • Flooding Archived
    1110 Central Ave Saint Petersburg FL 33705, United States - Commission District 7
    Once again the "French Drain" outside of enigma bar and lounge has failed and we flooding for almost the entire block due to this. The city needs to come up with an actual fix to this issue. Why is this not connected to the storm/waste water infrastructure why does the city not have store drains installed on central Ave. between 11st street and feet's. This is an eyesore not to mention a safety hazard.