Fur Arrimaha: 84 Arrimaha xidhmay: 9,973 Arrimaha la Qiray: 871
Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2017-01-14

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • Pothole Archived
    11001-11073 111th Way N Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Commission District 5
    Resident has reported that a pothole has formed on 111th Way at 110th Ave. He mentioned that potholes have popped up in the same spot on numerous occasions. Google maps shows that there is stormwater and potable water in this area.
  • 11517 81st Pl Seminole, FL, 33772, USA - Commission District 6
    Installing irrigation system on property with no licened company doing work.
  • Sewer Issue Acknowledged
    503 55th Ave Saint Petersburg, FL, 33706, USA - St. Pete Beach
    Reclaimed water has been out for several days. I've manually checked it early morning and late night; nothing. Can you please fix it and/or give me an estimate of when it will be fixed? Thank you.
  • 1815 2nd St S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    Dogs left out AGAIN. Barking constantly. Stuck on back porch--food, water? Hours. Please do something.
  • 105 14th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Historic Old Northeast
    Storm drain on corner of property that cars hit very often - needs to be reset
  • 12815 Whittington Ct Largo, FL, 33773, USA - Largo
    Attached is a picture of a water main in front of 12815 Whittington Ct. This area has become more depressed over time. Would you be able to assess this situation? The association is gated and the gate code is #1191.
  • 1815 2nd St S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    Dogs barking all afternoon and evening AGAIN. Stuck on back porch. Food? Water? Hours alone outside. Please do something.
  • 6750 Gulf-Winds Drive St Pete Beach, Florida - St. Pete Beach
  • 3068-3080 Whitney Rd Largo, FL, 33760, USA - Commission District 5
    Does not smell like reclaimed water.
    In parking lot north side near pond.
  • 3000 9th Street N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association
    How many times does this issue have to be reported to the City of St. Petersburg, before something is done about this hazard? This has been repeatedly reported since 2017. This business drains soapy water from their property over the City of St. Petersburg sidewalk on the East side. It drains into a trench on the City right-a-way. Why isn't this waste matter drained into the sewer system instead of on the sidewalk and into the ground? I have slipped several times due to the soapy water. This has been reported many times in 2017 yet the City does nothing about it. The City and this business will be held accountable if something happens to an innocent person walking, jogging or bike riding past this business. Time to do something about this issue.
  • 1825 Fox Cir Clearwater, FL, 33764, USA - Commission District 5
    Blue Acura with no tag is being parking at 1825 Fox Circle Clearwater 33764
  • 14772 63rd Way N South Highpoint, FL, 33760, USA - South Highpoint