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  • 16th St N & 3rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33705, USA - Commission District 7
    Install new lighted stop sign in Water Resource parking lot. JG and JC
  • 2401 Pinellas Point Dr S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Divert traffic around stormwater depression repair
  • 100-178 Bay Shore Drive Northeast Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    South Straub Park - remove palm tree on the SE corner of 2nd Ave NE & Beach.
  • Sewer Issue Archived
    8710 Rose Way Seminole, FL, 33772, USA - Commission District 6
    The storm sewer is blocked with leaves, twigs and other debris thus preventing free flow of rain water into the drain located on the corner of 87th Ave. N and Rose Way.
  • Stormwater Issue Acknowledged
    241 Central Ave Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    back of property has two large storm drains in front of compactor that are filled with trash and debris that’s causing standing water
  • 216 23rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704, USA - Historic Old Northeast

    Standing water at intersection of 2nd St N and alley between 22nd Ave N and 23rd Ave N.

    For nearly 2 years now there has been a puddle of standing water in the alley between 22nd Ave N and 23rd Ave N at intersection of 2nd St N. This spot never dries and represents a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. It appears that the source of water may be the overflow from the irrigation system at 216 23rd Ave N (as shown in the attached photos.)

  • Stormwater Issue Acknowledged
    15th Ave S & 30th St S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Commission District 7
    East side of street has a wobbly storm drain that needs to be secured because kids are always in the area
  • 3547 58th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Disston Heights Civic Association
    Close right lane northbound on 58th st @ address for waterline break
  • 13499 100th Ave Seminole, FL, 33776, USA - Commission District 6
    Ditch in front of my driveway not pathed right. Water backup overflow in my driveway. Standing water. Does not reach sewer.
  • Boats Archived
    350 26th Ave Se Saint Petersburg, FL, 33705, USA - Tropical Shores Neighborhood Association
    There are 3 boats in water behind house which are not tethered to a dock, the dock is rotted.
  • 1815 Second St S Saint Petersburg FL 33705, United States - Old Southeast Neighborhood Association
    A local resident was walking the dogs from 1815 2nd St S around 5:30 this evening - trying to figure out where they lived She said she'd found them in her yard, and that Marley (the larger dog) appeared to be dehydrated - that he couldn't get enough water We told her where they lived and she returned them to the yard Yet again the dogs' owner isn't home and the dogs are suffering Why won't the county help these dogs 😢? ,-
  • County Parks Archived
    205 Windward Passage Clearwater Beach, FL, 33767, USA - Island Estate
    Regarding the lamps at the city park located at 101 Windward Passage, Clearwater Beach, One of the lights is completely dead, one of the lights isn't working well, it's dim and it comes on and goes off. The third light works perfectly. If you could have your crew repair the non-working lights, that would be great. It's very dark at night at that park without the lights working properly.