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  • 5728 Burlington Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Live Oak Neighborhood Association
    my neighbor is breeding mosquitos
  • 2488 20th Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33713, USA - North Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    The mosquitos are swarming! I am located across from the lot that the sanitation dept. stores the garbage cans. These cans are holding water which is allowing the mosquitos to breed. The grass doesn't get cut either which is also an issue for mosquitos. Something needs to be done. I may need to contact Pinellas County to come inspect and see if the Sanitation Dept is the cause of heavy mosquitos
  • 10833 113th St N Largo, FL, 33778, USA - Seminole
    Storm drain has collapsed and been like it for years. Someone put an orange cone there in the last 4 months to warn the patrons who bring there dogs, but it hasnt been repaired. Storm water collects and it is a mosquito breeding spot. Our back yard is eroding into it.
  • S Belcher Rd & Nursery Rd Clearwater, FL, 33764, USA - Clearwater
    Water is coming up through a manhole cover at the intersection of Belcher Rd and Nursery Rd
  • 3068-3080 Whitney Rd Largo, FL, 33760, USA - Commission District 5
    Does not smell like reclaimed water.
    In parking lot north side near pond.
  • 3735 40th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33714, USA - West and East Lealman
    Starting at 3735 40th Avenue N, the storm water ditch is full of debris and the pipes under the driveways are clogged all the way down to 37th Street N. When it wraps around on 37th, the ditch and the main drain is completely full of debris and blocking the drain.
  • Road Issue Archived
    2063 Eagle Run Ct Clearwater 33760, United States - Commission District 5
    The newly paved road seems to be having a major issue right in front of the driveway of 2811 Eagle Run Circle N. Road is buckled and water is getting underneath. We walked the area and the road is very soft.
  • 1439 Dexter Dr Clearwater, FL, 33756, USA - Pride
    This storm sewer manhole has been leaking for months.. my wife and I have called multiple times and no one has come out. They keep saying it’s city of Clearwater ,they come out and say it’s pinellas county’s. Something need to get done before something bigger happens ..
  • 3876 43rd Ave N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - West and East Lealman
    We have a lot of mosquitos there are multiple homes around us with pools. The one pool behind us is not being taken care of water was black pump not running. You can access our yard on the west side double gate our dogs do not have access to that side of the yard.
  • 427 Tennessee Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - St. Petersburg
    Our back and side yards are having more flooding issues this season than in the 17 years we've lived here. We are concerned that something has changed with the drainage flow because the flooding is deeper and the water is not receding as quickly.
    The attached photo was taken today, Sunday, and the last big rain was Friday. We are very concerned about the mosquitos, already an issue in our neighborhood. Also, our grass and some plants have already started to die in the back, and we are concerned for the large pines in our side yard that are sitting in water for several days each time it rains.
  • 415 Tennessee Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - St. Petersburg
    Observed thousands of larvae in standing water resulting from lack of drainage in backyard easement.
  • 14563-14599 63rd St N Clearwater, FL, 33760, USA - Largo
    This is a shared county easement behind our house. To my understanding it use to be a creek and the county buried pipes for the water. The hole is about 3 feet deep, and only about 1 foot wide.