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  • 4000 24th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida - West and East Lealman
    Major repairs being done on multiple mobile homes by new home owners without permits. Water heaters outside uncovered. New home owners working till eleven at night during the week with power tools. These new homeowners are recent refugees from Cuba and Puerto Rico and may not know American rules regarding Codes.The park's office is under current red flag by the Leealman Fire Department for not obtaining permits for the new windows, electrical work and a pool being built at the Office and Club house. Some of these mobile homes have been unlived in for twenty years and have the roofs caved in and are in deplorable condition. The park has sold these trailers to these hispanic people for ungodly prices and they are doing major tear downs and major remodeling with no visible permits. The Park also strated a program to have your home vinyl sided by a company. They had no permits and did vinyl some homes but now the vinyl is blowing off the trailers that they put the vinyl on. Lots 252, 226,213 and many more.
  • 4100 Overlook Dr Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33703, USA - Shore Acres Civic Association
    Place advance warning signs on Overlook Dr NE for water resources water line installation
  • 5201 20th St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    Joe wall in codes came out to have this homeowner move their RV that had been parked for two and a half years in the grass five feet away from the street to their backyard. Joe wall decline to inform the homeowner if they are not going to pay to park that vehicle that they must put in 4 in of legal parking underneath it in the side yard or the backyard. Joe wall has full knowledge of codes in the city of St Petersburg Joe wall knows that parking in the grass is illegal. Joe wall has been informed that when he does this he must inform the homeowner they must put in four inches of legal parking either contained mulch with landscape timbers contained gravel 4 in contained with landscape timbers or some sort of containment edging. Or concrete or asphalt. we have city codes employees going around and forcing codes and causing homeowners to commit more dangerous code violations these city employees have absolute full knowledge of EPA regulations and you cannot have gas and oil and fuels running into the ground. Joe wall has intentionally placed my family in harm my property in harm. Joe wall supervisor James Corbett refused to have Joe wall correct his mistake. Steve calandra took a phone call from me and I let him know I was recording it and he said he didn't consent to recording and hung up. Steve Collins took a city employee job that he has full knowledge of all calls being recorded on he knew he was going to be recorded when he took the job. Steve colander needs fired he is not able to collect a city paycheck if he does not want to be recorded on the phone and he had full knowledge when he took the job all calls are recorded. Joe wall needs fired he cannot collect a city paycheck because he has full knowledge of all code ordinances and he goes around in an endangered the taxpayers of the City of St Petersburg. Andrea somebody is supposed to be over this neighborhood but she's got too many problems to actually be a city employee. when you called to try and get Andrea or leave a voice message she never returns her voice messages. Andrea somebody always is in another neighborhood handling flooding issues. or she's sick or she stubbed her toe or something's going on oh and the last one was a on a recorded line she had a death in the family. under certain circumstances I would believe and have empathy for the individual having a death in the family but Andrea always has a issue she is never in this neighborhood she does not enforce codes in this neighborhood and I am requesting that she be removed from this neighborhood and a real competent codes employee be placed in this neighborhood. Codes employees cannot go around correcting codes violations and cause the homeowner or the vehicle owner to commit a larger more dangerous health issue type code violation. Parking in the grass is a codes violation. This homeowner has been informed by codes for over 15 years to put in a driveway. Up keep on a drive or a legal driveway is property maintenance handled by codes. for 15 years this woman has been allowed to put a little piece of eighth inch thick plastic blue carpet under her vehicles. 15 years is plenty enough time for her to come up with the funds to put in a legal driveway. Carpet is not a legal driveway. when are codes employee has an RV a very large recreational vehicle placed in a side yard or a backyard they must inform the owner of that vehicle that in order to park there they must put in 4 in of legal parking or pay to park the recreational vehicle in order to protect the environment from oils gas and fuels dripping into the soil. Joe wall intentionally has harmed my family placed my family and my home and my property in jeopardy as far as health issues. The city has a certain length of time to correct this issue at 5201 20th Street North 33714. then I know that I have video of Joe wall a city employee causing my family intentional harm by allowing oil fuel and gas emissions to drip into the soil and contaminate my property my plant life and my well water. Joe wall has endangered the health of my family. City codes enforcement is designed to protect the taxpayers of the City of St Petersburg. Dealing with codes it has become very apparent that nobody working in codes Steve collandra doesn't want recorded so he's not allowed to even work for you cuz when he took the job he knew his phone calls were recorded all calls James Corbett is collecting a paycheck doing nothing Joe wall is going out causing a code violators to commit larger code violations endangering the health and safety of the City of St Petersburg. In rectifying this code's violation I am requesting that Joe wall James Corbett and Steve colander be fired and relieved from codes positions my tax dollars pay their paychecks. I am requesting that a codes enforcement officer that is competent come out and inform the homeowner in the vehicle owner at 5201 20th Street North St Petersburg Florida 33714 of the allotted amount of time they have to put in 4 in of legal parking for EPA and environmental safety for the City of St Petersburg and the health of the taxpayers living in the city of St Petersburg and I want the name of the employee from codes that comes out and enforces an actual driveway and legal parking placed at this location. I will be attending the next open city council meeting with photographs recordings from codes and the incompetent people that work for codes I will be filing legal requests for their dismissals. I have left information with the mayor's assistant to work to correct these environmental code issues. The bigger issue here is how many RVs with large engines 450 Fords and larger are now parked in the grass killing the environment the soil and the water in the city of St Petersburg due to incompetency of code employees. Right now I have two motorhomes one at the 5201 20th Street North address and one behind me directly behind my property parked in the grass dumping fuels into my soil and my groundwater. I am going around the block to get the address on the other home. I am going to make sure that this does not continue in the city of St Petersburg. And there's three motorhomes down the street that are parked in the grass. These are environmental hazard danger issues to groundwater plant life and human habitat. It has become extremely obvious that the City of St Petersburg just collects paychecks and absolutely gives no interest or genuine concern in the health and safety issues of the taxpayers of the City of St Petersburg.
  • 8485 Iris Ave Seminole 33777, United States - Commission District 6
    There was a water line break on our street how long will we have no water. Are they fixing the issue
  • Flooding/Erosion Acknowledged
    2534 Belleair Rd Clearwater FL 33764, United States - Commission District 5
    Sidewalk not draining - about 2 inches of water - where Pinellas Trail meets north sidewalk at Belleair Rd, near 19 overpass
  • South Yacht Basin - Commission District 7
    Trash in the water in the south Yacht basin
  • 4301 Belle Vista Dr Saint Petersburg, FL, 33706, USA - St. Pete Beach
    We have a medium-sized July 4th gathering outside (as recommended by Pinellas County due to COVID-19) but have a tremendous mosquito issue (also well documented by neighbors on Nextdoor.com). Where you cannot be outside for more than a few minutes without having a dozen bites. No exaggeration! We've checked the entire property and there is no standing water, etc. We even cleaned out debris from our gutters. Us and many of our neighbors are requesting a fogging either this evening or tomorrow evening please.
  • 145 43rd Ave Saint Petersburg, FL, 33706, USA - St. Pete Beach
    We are having July 4th gathering of family outside but the mosquitoes are terrible! A lot of neighbors also having issues. We've checked and there is no standing water or anything. We are formally requesting a mosquito fogging please!!!
  • 1801–2045 Norfolk St N Saint Petersburg FL 33710, United States - Commission District 7
    Storm water hasn't cleaned this drainage canal since last summer and the mosquitoes are out of control
  • 5847 11th St S St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    The stormwater ditch beside my house needs to be cleaned up! Thanks
  • 1060 Gulf Blvd Clearwater Beach, FL, 33767, USA - Sand Key
    Mosquitoes are back again in sand key dog park and around the beach areas!!!
  • 618 Gulf Blvd Indian Rocks Beach 33785, United States - Indian Rocks Beach