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  • 744 Newton Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA - Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association
    Mosquitoes swarming underneath the carport near the back door and underneath the front porch by the front door. I have fogged and am unable to locate any standing water.
  • 66th Ave S & 20th St S Saint Petersburg, FL, 33712, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Standing water for weeks in black plastic material covering construction materials for home being built on SE corner of the intersection. A perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes! Has been this way for weeks maybe months!
  • 4511 1st Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33713, USA - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association

    Been noticing all 3 lanes of First Avenus North are covered with rain water. Is there anything the stormwater department can make things better?

    Maybe a minimum wake sign would work, or is that the coast gaurds department?

  • Road Issue Archived
    11999 Orange Blossom Dr Seminole, FL 33772, USA - Commission District 6
    road and gutters are overgrown with grass/weeds and rain is unable to drain at all as the grass is totally blocking the gutters. Gutters/road needs to be scrapped out so water can flow to the sewer drain.
  • 860 Addison Dr Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33716, USA - Brighton Bay
    We are having a lot of mosquitoes and no-see-ums in the area, with standing water visible in conservation areas. I am usually outside in late afternoon 4:00 and later to notice they are bad, but see mosquitoes around the house (not near standing water) at all times of day.
  • 15454 59th St N Clearwater, FL, 33760, USA - South Highpoint
    Extremely large amount of mosquitoes outside and inside our home. No standing (untreated) water at our home or surrounding neighbors homes. Please help.
  • 6691 18th Way N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA - Meadowlawn Neighborhood Association
    Hello. My neighbor is elderly and owns a pool where the birdcage has fallen apart and it is full of black mosquito filled water. I have contacted your department every year for assistance and appreciate that someone has come out to inspect however the problem is not getting better. Its awful. Im willing to help any way I can. She needs to drain the pool and refill using chemicals. Please help!
  • 1000 3rd St. S. St. Petersburg Florida 33701, Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    All the lights have been out in Poynter Park for some time now and it is very dark and dangerous at night. This is along the sidewalk by the water. Over by 3rd Street, there is overgrowth of trees that blocks the street lights. Visibility is very bad.
  • 5245 Queen St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33714, USA - Greater Grovemont Neighborhood Association
    Standing water on both sides of road in the "ditch" from the road curve. Causing excessive, excessive infestation of mosquitoes. Baby is getting attacked and multiple bites, highly allergic and allergic reaction, when going outside and multiple bites.
  • 5900 27th Ter N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Commission District 7
    Mosquitoes are extremely bad in our area and around our home. I can even seem them on the screens and windows right now around our doors and entry points. We have little children and we are not able to play outside or take a family walk because they are so bad. We have a bottle of deet spray at each entry and keep one in our car and it does not help. They swarm, and even get in the house no matter how quickly you open and shut the door behind you. We have checked all areas surrounding the home for any standing water and do not find any. Please help!
  • 1368-1620 Park St N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33710, USA - Jungle Prada Neighborhood Association
    Empty lot full of standing water. Mosquito swarms.
  • 110 Live Oak Ln Largo, FL, 33770, USA - Harbor Bluffs
    110 and 114 watering Monday 6am