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  • Exposed water heater major safety issue
  • 3800-4198 38th St S St Petersburg, FL, 33711, USA - Broadwater Civic Association
    My house abutts Broadwater Park, which tends to get treated for mosquitos as their is a small pond and wetlands/cypress tree area. However, due to recent rains, the mosquitos are OUT OF CONTROL! You cannot go outside in the evenings without being eaten alive. Please treat the wetland areas in Broadwater Park! Thank you.
  • 2200 Gulf Blvd Indian Rocks Beach, FL, 33785, USA - Indian Rocks Beach
    This is the third time I have reported a leak of this big valve in two years. Don’t get it.
  • 3651 10th St Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33704, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    This has not been completed , last worked on was early to mid April. causes issue with two way traffic and can will cause an accident. this is a safety issue .
  • 3651 10th St Ne St. Petersburg, FL 33704, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    this man hole was replace in April. needs to be cemented in and finished before it causes an accident. this is a safety issue for all citizens coming in and out of this area.
  • 10121 12th Way N Saint Petersburg, FL, 33716, USA - St. Petersburg
    Breaker box is not properly secured in unit. We had mr Henderson from Code visit our last unit and he cited them on this same violation we had to transfer to another unit as i was 7 months pregnant and unable to move; this is the new renovated unit with the same violations we told them needed to be repaired upon move in now it's this plus an array of other violations including a roach infestation, water heater/air conditioning leaking water all the over wood floors, window and roof leak that has soaked the carpet the list goes on
  • 610–612 1st Ave Se Saint Petersburg 33701, United States - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    Trash and debris in water by spyc sailing center and also the opposite side of demons landing bridge
  • 2001 Illinois Ave Ne Saint Petersburg FL 33703, United States - Venetian Isles Homeowners Association
    This area is of great concern to the residents of VI and I have received several inquiries about why this area and the others I will send separately have not been addressed but were reported on 9/25
  • 282 15th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Methodist Town Neighborhood Association
    St Pete Eco Village claims to be leasing this property and cut down several palm trees around the deteriorating structure and have not removed them in a addition to a hot water tank sitting in the front yard clearly visible from the sidewalk. This in addition to not keeping up with the lawn maintenance and the overgrown bushes along the sidewalk.
  • 1048 39th Ave Ne Saint Petersburg, FL, 33703, USA - North East Park Neighborhood Association
    The dewatering without a permit shown has started again in October (after stopping likely from a codes review), clogging the curb way with standing water growing massive amounts of algae, as it's not flowing into the sewer.
  • Lake Vista Recreation Center 1401 62nd Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705, USA - Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association
    Lake and streams full of garbage. Not good for all the wildlife including the baby ducks
  • 3660 22nd Avenue South Saint Petersburg, FL - Commission District 7
    No active water service. They have a washer machine just inside gate on 37th that drain used water down sidewalk and into curb..( Nasty )