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  • 7778-7792 Adelphi Rd College Park, MD 20740, USA - College Park

    Turning onto University Blvd from Adelphi road is confusing, as no turns are allowed at the intersection itself. However, the signs at this intersection showing drivers where to turn are completely inadequate.

    Two of the signs indicating the turn onto 193 are tiny and poorly placed -- nobody looking for the turn would see them until it's too late to change lanes. The other signs indicating the turn are missing altogether (look at the bent signposts with no signs attached.)

  • 9348 Cherry Hill Road College Park, MD - College Park
    Worst intersection design I have ever seen, at the intersection of Route 1 and Cherry Hill Road, which is asking for accidents to happen here. Despite having two left turn lanes, the green lights do not give freedom to make a left hand turn safely from oncoming traffic coming from the small gas station. At worst, the light turning cycle should be improved such that the left lanes have green left turn signals and there should be a separate light at the gas station to allow for safe passage through the intersection. At best, the whole intersection needs to be redesigned.
  • 47th Ave College Park, MD - College Park
    The traffic light at Cherry Hill and 47th Ave in College park is good during the day, but keeping the same timing for late at night is ridiculous! Late in the evening, you can get through the first two lights on Cherry hill ok, only to be stopped at this one as the lights for 47th and Home Depot are green and no one is coming at all! The only cars there are the suckers waiting at the red on Cherry Hill while the green lights run for the non-existant drivers leaving 47th or the Home Depot parking lot. I would suggest that after 10 pm the light on Cherry Hill/47th Ave blink yellow and the lights for 47th and Home Depot blink red so everyone can just get going! It's pretty lame to sit and wait for green lights no one is using.
  • 4500 Paint Branch Parkway College Park, Maryland - College Park

    The button on the south side of Paint Branch Parkway that controls the pedestrian HAWK signal is not functional.

    This creates a very dangerous situation, as traffic never stops at this cross walk because the light is always green.

  • Solar Stuff Archived
    7316 Radcliffe Dr College Park, MD 20740 - College Park
    some crazy dude has put solar panels on his roof.
  • 8231-8299 Baltimore Avenue College Park, Maryland - College Park
    Northbound US-1 in front of the McDonald's.
  • Plank in road Archived
    9600-9616 U.S. 1 College Park, Maryland - College Park
    There's some sort of what sounds like a wooden plank on the right edge of northbound Baltimore Avenue across from the Hampton Inn. Every vehicle driving on the edge of the right lane hits it, and the plank makes a loud noise. If it weren't for my earplugs, I wouldn't stay at this Hampton Inn. It’s been there since at least June 2013.
  • bathroom Archived
    Preinkert Dr College Park, MD 20740, USA - College Park
    paper towels on floor
  • College Park Metro College Park, MD - College Park
    The Greenbelt metro has a very large, red sign at the entrance that says 'A smarttrip card is required to pay parking fees...' (image attached). Please put one at the entrance to the College Park metro. The parking garage exit is often stopped by confused tourists. It is annoying for commuters and embarrassing that we treat visitors so poorly.
  • 3820-3898 Highway 193 College Park, Maryland - College Park
    Multiple potholes across rt193 E from Paint Branch to Rt 1 overpass
  • Baltimore Ave College Park, MD - College Park
    Not sure what type of cable it is, but there's a wire that dangles from the utility pole at the corner of Route 1 and Metzerott that often blows right into the sidewalk on windy days.
  • Anacostia Tributary Trail System College Park, Maryland - College Park

    Multiple Street lights are out all along the trolley trail.

    There are multiple street lights out on the trolley trail bike path between Greenbelt Rd and Paint Branch Parkway. Several other lights seem to be intermittent too.