Morningside Heights

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  • 18 Morningside Avenue - Morningside Heights

    Park Barbecuing is ruining Morningside Park, namely:

    · Hot coals being discarded next to trees

    · Massive increase in garbage and debris

    · Not enough instructional signs or enforcement of rules

    · Impact to eco-system of pond by garbage, coals and debris

    · Health issue being posed by rodents feeding on discarded food and garbage.

  • trash, non working equipment, bathrooms, lights, etc.
  • 55-99 Morningside Dr New York, NY 10025, USA - Morningside Heights
    We need to start to be proactive about managing this before summer arrives. The garbage, noise and smoke is an issue for park users.
  • 34 Morningside Ave Manhattan, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    Several park employees spent over an hour standing in the restroom/swing set area yelling at each other and venting about other things. Not only was it highly unprofessional, they also wasted copious amounts of time, and were quite disruptive of the peace and quiet of the area. Are they getting paid???
  • 58 Morningside Ave Manhattan, NY 10025, USA - Morningside Heights
    Illegal amplified music
    Sun 6/26
    3 PM on
  • 15-35 Morningside Avenue - Morningside Heights
    There is often very loud music that doesn't seem to correspond with a specific event or concert, but is from a private party that begins early in the morning and goes until late at night (after 9 or 10 pm). Is this allowed? If not, it is very disturbing to residents nearby and needs to be managed.
  • 400-498 W 123rd St Manhattan, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights

    Mr. Softee Truck playing jingle while stationary ... and with an expired permit....

    Permittee: Mr. Davy Colon
    651 East 170th Street Bronx NY 10456
    Permitted Location: M56-1-MT
    Actual Location W 123 at Morningside Avenue
    Expired: 12.31.2009
    Licensee Plate: 82921 JZ

  • 21-29 Morningside Ave Manhattan, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    I noticed several of the basketball rims were missing and several of the backboards were in bad shape. Is there funds that could be allocated to fix these. I would like children in the community to continue to have enough and suitable courts to play on.
  • 100 Morningside Dr New York, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights
    trashed HOT coals on side garden via slope, next to picnic area. I love the idea of a place where we can come together as a community to bbq or cookout, very nice community building idea. However, we also need to be mindful of the natural habitat and privilege that we have in using the few green spaces that we have on mother earth. Educating the park users, mandatory course in order to BBQ in the park - if you have this required course than you are allowed to BBQ. Make them responsible citizens of the park.
  • 501-549 W 123rd St Manhattan, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights
    524 W. 123rd St This bicycle is located across the street from 524 W. 123rd St. It has been there, unmoved, since September 2009 or prior. It has two flats, significant rust, and a unusable gear set. The seat and other parts would have been stripped had they not been locked to the frame.
  • 74 Morningside Dr New York, NY 10027, USA - Morningside Heights
    Dangerous Condition - Downed Tree Lodged on Precarious Slope Could Slide To Lower Pedestrian Path